2 Ways to Run Two Imo Accounts in one Phone

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Imo is one of the top Android messenger apps, in competition with WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and Viber. It is an amazing text and video chatting app which supports individuals as well as group video calls. I hope Imo users already know about main features of the app but lets talk about one of the problems that some users also face.

As we know this messenger app requires phone number to register a new account, so every phone whether Single SIM or Dual SIM can only have one imo account. What if a user want to run two imo accounts in one phone? In other hand, Tablet is mostly not a personal device and used by whole family. So in this case won’t multiple users of the Tablet need separate accounts?

Two Ways to Run 2 imo Accounts in one Phone

But fortunately, imo has provided an official way for android users to do this whether you have dual SIM device or not. Alongside, there is another way you can follow to access two imo accounts at the same time in one phone. Lets discuss these two ways to open two imo accounts at the same time in one phone.

Install Two Imo Apps in one Phone (Simple as 123)

One way which comes from imo itself is that, imo.im (Company) also has provided a beta version of Imo on Google Play Store.


  1. So first go to Play Store and download the imo beta app. Tap the ‘Play Store search’ and type ‘imo beta’ and you will find the app in first place.
  2. Now install the app and open it on your Android device.
  3. It will ask you to register a new account, enter any new number in case to use two imo accounts in one phone.

So, this was a simple way to have dual imo accounts in one phone.

However, the imo beta version stands for preview and testing of new features and it’s less stable than the official imo app. So if you get problems using the beta version of the app then try second way.

Run Two Imo Accounts in one Phone Simultaneously using Parallel Space

Parallel Space comes with the aim to keep everybody’s personal life separate from the professional life. Most of the Android apps are compatible with this app. For example you can also use this app to run 2 WhatsApp accounts in one phone. In the same way you can use 2 Imo accounts in one Phone.

To get benefit from this app, download and install it on your android devices whether it’s phone or tablet. Download it from Google Play Store or grab the APK File. However, if you are a tablet user then you will not find this app on Google Play Store, so install it by following this article. Now head over to the steps for dual imo accounts.

  1. Open Parallel Space on Your Tablet or Smartphone
  2. At first, you will see empty app Tray like this parallel-space-apps-tray
  3. Now tap on the Add apps option from the bottom and add imo from the app list. add-apps-to-parallel-space
  4. See if Imo is added to the app list. Now open the imo in Parallel Space parallel-space-imo
  5. You will see that imo ask you to enter a new number.
  6. Provide your phone number and wait for the code to receive. 2nd-imo-account-number
  7. All the steps are same for making new imo account. However if the number you have entered is on separate phone then imo won’t detect the code automatically. You have to enter the code manually. Your new account in imo will be created once you enter the verification code.
  8. Now you can run 2 imo in one phone simultaneously with the same features as it is the copy of the same imo app. two-imo-accounts

Bonus Tips

  • It’s time to manage notifications for imo if you want to mute them. Tap the three dots on Top Left to open the menu and open Notification settings.
  • Parallel Space also let you hide the apps. Hide imo by following the procedure of incognito installation.
  • Go to Task Manager of Parallel Space to see imo storage info if maintaining storage is also on your forefront.
  • You can boost the RAM of the device used by Parallel Space by utilizing ‘1 Tap boost’ feature.


If you don’t want to install a third-party app to let you run two imo accounts in one device then first way is recommended. However, if imo beta version is not handy on your end then follow the second way. Parallel Space will also help you in keeping your personal life separate from the professional life. You can use this app to run multiple accounts of the other chatting apps like WhatsApp and BBM.

If this post helped you running 2 or more Imo accounts in one phone then like this post or respond in the comments section below.

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