5 Best Apps for Medical Students to Download on Android Tablet

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Tablet PCs are one of the 21st century tools at students’ disposals to organize the academic life in a modern way. Tablets and smartphones are great gadgets for a fulltime medical student as well since memorization has always been a crucial part of medical study. Medical students can take benefit from these devices also to organize themselves for their medical life.

Although, there are hundreds of apps that are useful for Medical students to try, but finding a few bests out of all is every student’s must to-do task. So, I have listed 5 best apps below which can become great comrade for medical students in their medical life.

5 Best Apps for Medical Students

#1 Prognosis

This app can prove as grand tool to test your medical decision-making skills without worrying about any risk. Prognosis allows medical students to assess their clinical knowledge on-the-go or whenever have spare moments. You can grow your skills in day-to-day practice and also learn about diseases under your fingertips with no time.

Prognosis’s best thing to know is that the cases explored in this app are based on the actual clinical experiences of 150+ specialists. All these actual clinical experiences can provide useful practice material for medical students, academicians and also for the professional licensure examinations alike. This app’s achievements are important to mention if you want to know more checkout the Google Play Store download page of Prognosis.

– #1 ranked medical app in the USA
– ‘Dr House for Doctors’ – Discover Magazine
– “One of the five best apps for doctors’ – Royal College of Surgeons of England (RCSE)
– Best Health App at the World Summit Awards 2012

Prognosis - Your Diagnosis home

#2 Human Anatomy Atlas

Human Anatomy Atlas is a go-to anatomy reference app for healthcare professionals, students, and professors. It offers limitless views inside the human body, so it’s a great on-the-go anatomy reference to the medical students.

Human Anatomy Atlas features

Human Anatomy Atlas offers 3D models, cross sections, MRI scans, cadaver images, 3D moving models of muscles and bones, physiology animations, and some other features and benefits. Amazing amount of visuals and descriptions, fast search to quickly find the specific bones, organs, region, animations, and quizzes you need makes it an all-time companion for the medical students. Other advance features include rotate and zoom in and out of the 3D models, Dissect and quickly adding anatomy to customize the view, one tap on any structure gets you detailed definitions, pathology information, Latin terms, and pronunciations.

Human Anatomy Atlas

While to create presentation, medical students can also add content to favorites and then use the “tour” feature.


#3 MedsScape

Medscape is one of the most used apps by physicians, medical students, nurses and other healthcare professionals for clinical information. For medical students it’s worth to keep hand on this app for saving precious time.

The significant features of the Medscape are the News specific to Medical sector, Drug information and Tools, Disease & Condition information, Medical Calculators, Drug Formulary Information, and also Complete Medical Education Courses(1,000+ topics across 30+ specialties. This app also comes with offline access it means whenever you don’t have access to the internet at the moment you can still take advantage of this app.

#4 Epocrates Plus

Epocrates, trusted by healthcare providers, brings all drug related information under your fingertips. It supports decisions, save time, delivers patient-focused care and provides checks to in-depth, peer-reviewed disease content.

This app allows users to review drug prescribing and safety information based for thousands of brand, generic, and OTC drugs, perform dozens of calculations (BMI and GFR included), get timely medical news and research information, check for potentially harmful drug-drug interactions among up to 30 drugs at a time, find providers for consults and referrals in the Provider Directory, and users can also select national and regional healthcare insurance formularies for drug coverage information.

Epocrates Plus home view

#5 Lexicomp

Lexicomp is the comprehensive and one of the best apps for medical students. This app is must for a healthcare professional who need quick and easy tools to gain support in important medication and clinical decisions on-the-go. Lexicomp provides comprehensive reference information with great number of databases for drug information and interactions, lab and diagnostic procedures, OTCs and natural products, dosing and even dental and Toxicology.

It has 30-days of free access to all databases that Lexicomp platform offers for android devices. The app also includes hundreds of calculations & tables and images available with a cell or wifi connection.

Lexicomp Lexicomp Drug ID

Additional Apps for Medical Students


This android browser has bundle of features but one most noticeable is its ability to show the desktop version of websites to load when needed like some websites load on mobile with lower-quality. You can also use swiping gestures and voice recognition to load bookmarks with no time, and this browser also can sync with other services like Dropbox and Evernote.


For some medical students to-do lists proves a companion for medical students, so accessing those written lists on your android tablet or smartphone is next best thing. Wunderlist on your tablet can do this job and will sync your to-do data between mobile and browser version.


This app is all-time companion if you like to write down your notes on tablet. It organizes notes, attachments and links in a better way. You can search your long ago notes via search functionality of this most popular digital note-organizer. However, if you liked digital note taking then you can try other note taking apps as well.

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