How to Install Allo on Tablet

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Google has recently released Allo to android and iOS platform to compete with the likes of WhatsApp, iMessage, imo and Facebook Messenger. According to Google Play Store around 10 million android phone users have already downloaded this app and gradually increasing day-by-day. But the question is why Tablet users can’t download Allo? Answer is simple, it’s not compatible with the Tablets.

However, we have found a solution to fit this eye-popping chatting app on your tablet. We applied an alternative way to install Google Allo on tablet and it works perfectly.

Separately, I’m using Google Allo and find out no reason to not use this chatting app in alternative to WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and iMessage. So below I will talk more about rich features of this app but before that I want you to head toward tutorial on how to download and Google Allo for Tablet especially for the users who have already downloaded Allo on their android smartphones and now want to use it on tablet as well.

Install Google Allo on Tablet

Below are the steps to download and Install Google Allo on Tablet:

  1. Download APK file of Allo from the Link Here. Most of the APK files are not able to install Allo on Tablet but this APK file in above link is working on my tablet. If your Tablet can’t install Allo from that APK file then try this 2nd APK file.
    Note: Let me know in the comments section if APKs downloaded from both links weren't able to install Allo on your Tablet.
  2. Locate the APK file and open it on your Tablet
  3. Allow unknown source for installation at least once by going into Settings > Security > Unknown Sources allow-unknown-source-for-installation
  4. Head back to Allo APK file and start the installation
  5. After installation of Google Allo APK, start the account configuration process
  6. Do keep in mind that first you need to have a separate phone ‘ON’ with SIM CARD to receive Google Allo verification code via SMS or Call if you own a Wifi-only tablet.
  7. Enter your mobile number for verification code but it won’t be detected automatically Allo on tablet
  8. Receive the code via call or SMS on your phone and put the code for verification in the account setup process on tablet.
  9. Next, insert the received code to verify phone number. Allo on tablet
  10. If done, you are good to go to use Allo on Tablet. Now you can enjoy Google Allo on larger screen.
  11. Add contacts to Google Allo if these are not already available on your tablet otherwise contacts will automatically be synchronized.

This was a quick tutorial to download Google Allo on Tablet with Android OS. One downside after installing Allo on tablet is that you can’t use Allo with same phone number on your mobile phone. Simply use separate numbers for both devices. However, below we have mentioned more details about installing and using Google Allo on Tablet.

How Google Allo works?

I will like to tell you how Google Allo works. I experienced no any specific difference in the working of app for the android tablet(Although it has same Mobile UI on Tablet).

Google Allo is free app for messaging in addition to Google duo which only purposed for quick video calling with its own unique features. Allo has simple and wonderful mobile user interface although it’s a little inappropriate to tablet. The app has chatting experience similar to other apps but Google Assistant is the single feature which can prove the app best among the Social chatting Apps.

  • You can download Allo on your iOS devices from Apple Store or Android phones from Google Play Store. (But Allo is not available for Tablet download from Google Play Store)
  • After installing the app enter your phone number. You will receive confirmation code via SMS then enter the code and you’re good to go with no login required anymore similar to Google’s Duo app.
  • After setting up account you’ll set down to wonderful main interface of the app in which you’ll see Chat Home field similar to most of the chatting apps. But if you ask me I will like to say that it has most simple and cute UI as compared to others competitor apps.
  • First time Allo will ask for few permissions to access your Contacts, Camera and Media gallery.
  • The app need just a phone number to register your account but it will ask you to attach a Gmail account in addition to provide personalized results for Google Assistants.

What is Google Assistant?

Google Assistant is the functionality similar to ‘Ok Google’ but it interacts with you in a more conversational way. In other sense we can say it has machine learning built in (or a Friend Bot having AI) to communicate with us and learn which type of results we like the most on our query without leaving the chat. The common response is the Google search results for the query. Like if I search Trump Vs Hillary it brings out news results. It automatically differentiates between the query related to Google news and the web results. While sometimes it will ask you whether you want news results, web results, blog post results etc.

In addition, if we attach Gmail account it will be able to bring more personalized results associated with Google subscriptions, Answers, Going Out, Games, Fun, Sports, News, Weather, Translation, Travel, Actions services.

Below are the few examples of Google Assistant in screenshots.

Allo on tablet Allo on tablet

Google Allo also presents you Smart Replies which it learns overtime unlike the stagnated quick reply feature we find in other apps. It also ask you such as to go out for dinner or friend party etc. Allo’s Another unique feature is its ability to suggest responses on receiving photos that your friends send. Below is the example of response suggestion on photos.


Another feature I can’t ignore is it’s Incognito mode which enables end-to-end encryption. It helps you keep the notifications private and let you set a time limit for how long your messages stick like SnapChat.

Use Google Allo on your Tablet and let us know about your views on this feature hungry app. Moreover, if you find any difficulty in using it then don’t forget to mention in the comments.

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  1. No. We can’t have two Allo accounts with one cell number or one account on two devices.

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