How to use an Android Device Camera as Webcam for PC?

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Previously, I wrote about using android device as Speakers and Mic for PC while now it’s time to emphasize on using camera of an android device as Webcam for PC.

There are some use cases for it like you don’t want to buy webcam for video calling when you have camera of a smartphone or Tablet to be used for PC. It can also be the case that you own a webcam but want to enjoy the high end camera for Video Chatting or pics as compared to low resolution webcam. However whatever is your use case below you can know how to turn android phone or tablet camera into Webcam for PC.

Turn Android Camera into Webcam for PC

There are many apps that can work for you in this case but I have checked a few of them and found DroidCam as more simple to setup. It works with both USB cable and WiFi connection.

Follow below steps in order to use your android phone or tablet cam as Webcam for PC.

You need to install android app on your device and the desktop client for DroidCam on Windows or Linux whatever you are using.

So first install the Android app on your android device from Google Play Store and then head over to from PC to download desktop client. After downloading the desktop client file, unzip it and complete the installation. Now run the client and choose the ways you want to connect your android device with PC.

DroidCam Client

Connect Via USB

Connect your device to PC with the USB Cable and enable “USB Debugging” from developer options on your device. If the “Developer Options” is hidden from the settings then make it visible by going into settings > About Device and tap “Build number” 7 times. After that you will be able to see Developer options at the bottom.

Now open DroidCam desktop client as now the computer will be able to detect the device. Choose the “Connect over USB” on desktop client and click Start. Now your android device cam will start capturing moments and you can also view on android screen.

DroidCam Client Connect Via USB


Still, if it doesn’t connect then look whether adb process is running on your PC by going into Task Manager and choose all processes. Also try to start the connection after by re-plugging the USB cable.

Task manager

Connect Via WiFi/LAN

Connect your device (android tablet or phone whatever you want to utilize as webcam for PC) and PC over same WiFi network or LAN.

Open the android app on device. The app should show the WiFi name and IP & Port number. If IP is zero then probably your device is not properly connected to WiFi. If IP address is showing then note it and open the desktop Client. Choose WiFi as connection and put the IP address like below.

DroidCam Client Connect Via WiFi

DroidCam Client Cam Via WiFi

Now click start and you are good to go for the Video Calling via android camera. However now you may need to know how to set the DroidCam running camera as webcam in Skype.

Setting Up with Skype

Login into Skype account on PC. Go into the Call options from its menu bar and choose video settings. You can see in the screenshot below where to find the DroidCam option. There are 4 cam options for DroidCam in default choose anyone and now you are good to go.

DroidCam adding to Skype

In addition, you can also use your android device as Microphone for Skype Calling from audio settings section.

DroidCam choosing Microphone

Alternative Ways

You can also utilize the IP WebCam app to convert android camera into Webcam for PC. I have already written about IP Webcam for multipurpose use of android device camera. Read my article on the use of IP WebCam platform. However in order to use IP Webcam for Skype or any Video Calling platform you need to install IP Camera Adopter from Which will help the video calling platforms or any browser to detect the Camera like we did for DroidCam.

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