Turn Android Phone or Tablet into Wireless Speakers for PC

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After reading this article you will be able to use your android device whether it’s smartphone or tablet as wireless speakers for your PC. There are a few cases when anyone have to use an android device as wireless speakers. Some reasons might be as follows:

  1. PC speakers are not working.
  2. When you have to stream any audio or music playback to android phone or tablet which is saved only on your PC.
  3. Listen to music and movies from computer anywhere in your house or anywhere outside house via 3G/4G network. In case of movies it might be that you are joggling around kitchen and you have to listen the dialogues of movie running on PC placed in room.
  4. Using android device as Wireless extension of live audio from your PC-based music system.
  5. A remote speaker or wireless headphones. When you have wireless headphones for your Mobile and want to stay tuned to the audio.
  6. Using phone or tablet speakers to listen voice from the Mic connected with PC for monitoring baby.

What do I need to use android device as PC Speakers?

  1. Android Phone or Tablet connected via WiFi with PC.
  2. SoundWire app installed on your smartphone which is totally free to use.
  3. SoundWire client installed on your PC.

How to use android Tablet as Speakers for PC

Follow below steps to turn your phone into wireless speakers for PC.

  • First of all install an app which provides functionality for connecting android device speakers with PC. In this case I’m using SoundWire. So, download SoundWire app on your android phone or tablet from Google Play Store.
  • Now also download SoundWire PC client on PC or Mac. Choose appropriate download for Windows version you have. The file will be downloaded in Zip format. Open the setup and start the installation. 
  • Turn your android phone WiFi ON and connect android and windows PC on same WiFi network.
  • Launch the SoundWire app on tablet. You will be prompted to enter the server address. SoundWire Connection setup
  • Note the IP address shown in the PC SoundWire client and then enter it into the app on your Android device.
  • Tap on the SoundWire app icon and to connect it via PC client. SoundWire connection
  • The Android app will then start communicating with PC client and get connected. 
  • Now, speakers of your phone or tablet whichever you are using will start streaming audio of song or any sound being played on your Windows PC.
  • If you want to connect SoundWire app over 3G/4G network then follow SoundWire official guide.

There is a slight lag in audio of around 1 second due to a WiFi connection. The app also provides many options to change the default settings. From settings you can turn the compression on for better voice experience when you are connected over weak WiFi signals or with 3G/4G cell networks.

SoundWire Settings Tablet as speakers - SoundWire Compression

Final Words

Unlike many remote speaker apps on store SoundWire keeps working even when device screen is off. Using android device as wireless speakers for PC with SoundWire is as simple as 123 but some issues may take your little time to solve them. If you find any issue browse the Georgie website who is the developer of this platform.

While separately, if you own a 10 inch Tablet then there is a probability that it has bigger and louder speakers as compared to the smartphone. I’m not arguing that you should utilize only tablet as wireless speakers for PC instead of phone but phone fits here if you are finding this solution exclusively for more portability.

In next few days, I will be setting up some topics related to the use of tablet for listening, recording, webcam, and many other purposes in conjunction with PC and phone. You may also like these posts:

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