Another Microsoft Foldable Device Patent Comes to Mainstream Media, More Sight at the Form Factor

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The series of foldable device patents are appearing online from Microsoft time by time. Now another patent by Microsoft comes to mainstream media providing some more hints about the form factor of the company’s product.

Microsoft Foldable display Patent

The patent is stated as “Portable device with adjustable optical arrangement”. One of biggest challenge is to have two optical arrangements on single device and then those displays lining up each other when closing. It seems that this patent solve that challenge by making a way to compensate for thin displays. If that’s the case the cameras of the device would also be smaller. As shown in the patent this may well compensate for thin displays. It may stack the two displays back to back ensuing the optical arrangement into double in size.

Microsoft Foldable display bent Patent

According to sources Microsoft is already purposed to prototype a foldable device focused on pen and digital inking. While all the patent showed is believed to be stands for codenamed Andromeda. The Andromeda, which has some augury back to the Microsoft Courier but its form factor is smaller and more pocketable.

That device is expected to have Windows 10 CShell and built on Windows Core OS. The OS which utilizes the dual screen system. Its patent also hinted the dual screen device that seems to have an absolute smartphone-like form factor.

However also we can’t ignore the fact that patent by any company not necessarily means for a device to really see the light of day. So this could be the case that Microsoft may cancel its plans to release the device at any time. If it goes real then there is possibility that it may appear as soon as next year.

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