Apple Patent Filing Shows a Foldable Display That Can Open And Close Like a Book

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The next big thing in smartphone industry is said to be foldable displays. And for this new course the warfare between the smartphone giants has already begun. Samsung is one of them which has been reported since a long while for working on foldable phones. But the buzz about its arch rival Apple now seeing the pace as well. This time according to Apple patent filing the company is working on a foldable displays.

US Patent & Trademark Office is the publisher of the Apple’s patent application related to a foldable screen device and it has been made its way into mainstream media.

According to patent the device has a display which can be folded like a book from the centre. The device will have flexible portion allowing the device to bend and be folded. The patent application shows Apple device may have a flexible portion which would be centre of flexible display named as a bending region in patent. The bending region will allow screen to bend along a bend axis when the device is folded.

Apple Foldable Display patent

This is not the very first account about the Apple working on foldable display. As month ago a report said that Apple is working with LG for bendable OLED displays. The reports say Apple may bring foldable phone to market by 2021 which is too far to be said by industry experts that at that time Apple will have transitioned to microLED screens. While Apple is allegedly in progress to withdraw itself from the biggest buyers list of OLED Displays from its biggest rival Samsung.

However this fact should be undermine that out of all twists show up in Patent Applications, usually a very few sees light of the day. The info in the patent is about only a foldable display but not a foldable device. While as par with very cheesy info about the foldable display means the project is in the very beginning stage. If Apple’s foldable phone literally goes true then we can assume that its display will expand to an iPad size. For sure, the name and category of that device would also catch the excitement of Apple lovers.

Separately when coming back to reality of this time, Samsung seems to have an edge over Apple in the race of foldable smartphones as the Galaxy X is expected to uncover by next year.


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