Top 5 File Managers for your Android Tablet

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With the number of benefits including larger screens and insane battery life Tablets always accepted as great portable device to consume Media, eBooks and other documents. So Tablet users also like to find better ways to browse and manage all files more comfortably through “Files Managing apps” although most of android devices come with preinstalled file managing apps.

However, if your Android Tablet or phone doesn’t come with file manager or you think it’s not best match then still there are alternative apps that navigate files for you even with extended functionality. The best file managers for android also come with bundle of supports and additional features including Cloud Storage, LAN, Wi-Fi Transfer, Storage Analyzer, Encryption and Vice Versa. So we came with list of Top 5 apps with enough details to help you find one for your android device.

5 Best File Managers for Android Tablet

es-file-explorer-file-manager1. ES File Explorer

ES File Explorer is a comprehensive file manager to help you manage and explore all data available in your Tablet and supports almost every format. It is also known as best file manager for Android due to its top Extended functionality along with exploring images, videos, documents and even the Apps. According to ES Global, more than 600 million users worldwide have downloaded this app.


Like most of the basic features of file managers it have full featured file management including search, check details, delete, rename, copy, cut, paste, share files etc. for primary and SDCard storage. You can make backup copy of files including the apps. Backup option also have SDCard support. It also support root users who can access all data directories, and change permissions for apps and files from ES File Explorer.


ES File Manager has access to cloud storage. The supported cloud storage options are Box, SugarSync, DropBox, OneDrive, Google Drive, Amazpn S3, Yandex, MegaCloud, Baidu NetDisk and MediaFire. You can also access, copy, paste or transfer files between Bluetooth connected devices. It also let you transfer any file including apps (APK Files) to another phone or PC with the use of WiFi connection. Support of App sending to other devices is the unique feature among these 5 file manager apps discussed here.


ES File manager also analyze storage and helps you know about the junk and duplicate files as well. Helping users to detect and delete duplicate files to free up storage space from your device is one of the best pros of this app.

Download ES File Explorer

astro-file-manager2. ASTRO File Manager

ASTRO File Manager is another app which is known for its brilliant interface to navigate between the folders and access the files. It browse and manages all files from all accessible directories. Here’s what you can do in ASTRO File Manger:


  • You can access files from Internal Storage, SDCard, Google Drive, Facebook, Box & OneDrive, PC, Mac and Linux.
  • The app explores every data in the directories like internal storage, SDCard and cloud storage on search.
  • Can browse files with file-type categories and almost every format is supported
  • You can easily backup apps to keep the data save if you are worried to lose data or decide to change your device. astro-file-manager-files-view
  • You can change the alignment of the files and folders.
  • It let you copy, move, rename, delete, and check properties of any file, and also let you make new folder.
  • Moving the files through this app is more convenient as compared to other file managing apps.
  • This app also supports access to local network through which you can browse your computer data easily.

Limitation: Users can’t lookout for installed apps and send Installed apps APKs to other devices. It means unlike ES File Explorer, the apps that you install from Google Play Store won’t show up and couldn’t be sent. However like other file formats,  you can only send already downloaded APK files to other devices.

Download ASTRO File Manager

file-commander3. File Commander – File Manager

File Commander – File Manager is one of the most powerful file management tools for android. App made by MobiSystems have quite good interface which also matches with most of the Google apps UI. It helps to explore files under file-type libraries like pictures, music, videos, and documents. This app has succeeded to gain Editor’s Choice in Google Play Store.


You can hide any file from Outside Command app. The hidden files shown under different fold which requires password to pass. It means any users can also use this app to their important data from prying eyes.


Like other best file exploring apps it also supports SDCard, USB (if supported) and Cloud accounts. Cloud storage includes Google Drive, DropBox, Box, Amazon Cloud Drive, OneDrive and SugarSync. You can transfer files with the use of Bluetooth & WiFi Direct and can also utilize other options like social apps to share files. It also supports LAN transfer and managing android Tablet/Phone files directly from PC.

Among Top 5 apps this is the single file manager which also convert files into over 100 formats and let you compress files as well. However this app can’t explore apps and APKs.


Download File Commander – File Manager

asus-file-manager4. ASUS File Manager

Our next turn is ASUS File Manager after the File Commander. This app has most of the similarities with ES File Manger in term of additional functionality. Its User Interface is quite good and supports almost same functionalities we have described for the ES file explorer.


You can search, access, copy, paste, move, delete and share files from the primary storage of tablet, Home or Public Networks, cloud storage accounts and vice-versa. It gives facility to access and mange files in LAN and SMB while cloud storage options include OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Yandex, and ASUS’s own cloud storage named ASUS WebStorage. It also have Duplicate files finding feature like ES File Explorer.

ASUS File Manger also let you make shortcuts of the file-type categories on device homescreen. It also has a Hidden Cabinet section through which you can keep any file hidden within the app.

Download ASUS File Manager

file-manager-file-transfer5. File Manager by Cheetah Mobile

File Manager by Cheetah Mobile is one of the most downloaded file manager app after ES File Explorer with over 50 million downloads. Around 0.9 million users also have rated this app. This app also have a great exposure due to support for 29 different languages from all over the world.


It is fully featured file management tool through which you can also compress, decompress files as well, along with cut, copy, paste, delete, search and vice versa. Like other apps it also supports switching between the directories like Internal storage, SDCard, LAN and cloud storage. You can add Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Sugar Sync and Yandex.Disk account.

It does have more friendly file cleaning features include the notifying of Large Files, Unnecessary files and Used APK files.

You can transfer and edit Tablet files wirelessly from PC through WiFi connection. This app streams the files from LAN/SMB/FTP/WebDAV/Cloud without download. It also have option of making folder shortcuts on homescreen to access them with a single tap.

Download File Manager by Cheetah Mobile

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