How to remote control Android from PC Using USB Cable

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Previously I posted an article on how to interact with android interface from PC using WiFi or Internet and now in this article I will be highlighting the way to Mirror or Remote control an Android device from PC via USB Cable. You don’t need to buy a different cable for this purpose just follow the guide and enjoy what you want to mirror or control your android from PC using your already available USB cable.

Remote Control Android from PC Via USB Cable

As we know relying on wireless connection is always preferable in terms of its portability nature, and secondly, nobody likes wires. But a wired connection becomes more favorable when it’s time to interact with Android screen from Computer.

However, there are many reasons Android users want to utilize PC screen and functionality for their device. But some of the reasons worth to consider include showing photos and videos on bigger screen without transferring content, showing apps and giving demos of the app work on larger screen, being able to play or show games on larger screen, and Vice Versa.

Fortunately, there are many tools to do this job for you. So by following the method below you can remote control android from PC Via USB Cable. You can mirror your Android screen to PC or even control every piece of Android from your PC.

How to control android from PC using USB Cable

In first step, you should have Chrome browser on Windows PC, Mac or Linux if you don’t have already then download it now from Google’s Chrome Page.

Once you setup Chrome browser on your PC, install Vysor Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store.


As you need USB cable connection of your android device with PC, you need to enable USB Debugging option. For this Go into settings > Developer options and set the USB Debugging On.

If you weren’t able to find a Developer options in your device then go into the Settings > About Phone and tap the option ‘Build number’ 7 times. This process will ensure the Android device that you are a developer and will provide you the ‘Developer Options’ in device settings.

Now connect your Android phone or Tablet with PC via USB Cable.

Open the Vysor app from the Chrome Apps. Or simple copy this address in browser: chrome://apps. Remember to keep the USB connection as Media transfer device protocol on Android device instead of Charge Only.


An Alert will pop up demanding permission for USB debugging, Tap OK.

In Vysor, Tap the android device listed in connected devices via USB. Now it will start mirroring android screen with current device interface in its mirror Window.

From now, you will be able to remote control your android phone or tablet right from the Computer screen. You can also open any app and use PC Keyboard to type. Some additional features available in Vysor include level up and down sound, lock the device screen, take screenshots, rotate screen etc.

Pros: You will note that the mirrored interface works smoothly and you won’t experience a lag unlike the mirroring Via Wifi or Internet using TeamViewer. You can play games and interact with the apps without a single lag.

Cons: It becomes impossible to keep the device away from the PC using USB cable. While using Wireless connection you can access the Android Device on PC from anywhere. The WiFi connection option is also available in Vysor but only for Premium Members.

Alternative Tools for Mirroring or Controlling Android from PC Via USB Cable

You can use Mobizen windows software and android app to mirror Android screen to PC via USB. This is also a feature rich tool like Vysor but have cons like need to download android App along with the PC software and you also need to have an account to connect the Mobizen mirror app with Mobizen desktop. Although it has fever rating but it also have a free WiFi connectivity option and can also record the android screen like Vysor. Moreover for PC this platform can also be used via web.

mobizen mirroring

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