2 Ways to Control PC from iPad or iPhone for Free

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iPad users want to control computers remotely by sitting in front of them, to support colleagues and friends while on the go, gain access to office desktop PC and every document and installed programs and also access unattended computers.

Not only this it able the users to control their Office Computer right from a bed at home or on the go with the ease of portability. Moreover by controlling PC from iPad you can enjoy high intensive memory programs like Adobe Photoshop, Android Studio, and Several Video editing programs right at your fingertips.

Two Ways to Control PC from iPad/iPhone

Fortunately, there are two basic ways to access a Windows PC or Laptop remotely from an iPad or iPhone for free. One way is the Windows own provided solution named as remote desktop protocol. Other method is followed by third party remote desktop clients. Both ways of controlling PC have focus on different categories and come with some additional features and shortcomings.

Although users can control PC from iPhone but it’s easy to use PC from iPad due to larger screen as compared to iPhone. Smaller screen makes it more difficult to operate PC.

Since Microsoft has released Remote Desktop Client app it became more convenient to control PC from iPad. It comes with only focus on making the devices workable for remote access like accessing office computer from home via Internet or home computer right from your bed using wifi connection. While third party platform is compromised of different third party apps that mostly come with the aim to give more productivity features. Productivity purposes of a PC’s remote access include presentation, office demonstration or recording the video from iPad and Vice Versa.

Control PC from iPad using Remote Desktop Client


Follow below steps to access PC from iPad using Remote Desktop Client app.

In first step for remote access through Windows Remote Desktop app you need to install Remote Desktop Client iPad app.

Now in the next step there are two cases for accessing computer remotely from iPad. If you are going to use personal desktop computer from home then make sure your PC and iPad are connected with the same WiFi connection. And in second case if you want to access office PC from home or on the go then both devices must have Internet access.

For the first case, open the Remote Desktop Client app from iPad and lookout for Plus sign to add a desktop account. Enter the Admin name or IP address of the computer. You should also know the password of the desktop to connect with the app.


Now tap connect after entering the login data and save the account name and password to access the PC without entering the login info or you will be required to put data every time. After this your iPad will have remote access to computer through RDC app.

In second case if you have to access PC via internet then go to Gateways panel from the menu of the RDC app. The gateway will enable an access to computer from internet connected iPad.

microsoft-remote-desktop using-remote-desktop-app

There are few options provided to choose like select between touch or mouse pointer to operate PC. You can Tap & Hold + drag up or down to scroll. Choose different resolution to adjust the screen size. RDC is hundred percent free to use and have basic functionality of remote access from iPad, iPhone or any android device. Below is the list of RDC features.

* Access to remote resources through your Remote Desktop Gateway
* Rich multi-touch experience that supports Windows gestures and RemoteFX
* Secure connection to your data and applications
* Simple management of all remote connections from the connection center
* Seamless audio and video streaming
* Easy connection to external monitors or projectors for presentations
* Support for Azure RemoteApp

Control PC from iPad Using Remote TeamViewer

As earlier said the second way is the use of third party platform like TeamViewer, Splashtop, etc. However we will be discussing TeamViewer: Remote Control app as the median to control PC from iPad for presentation, office demonstration or any productive use, which need some tools to focus on some area. So let’s head over to the steps on how to control PC from iPad using TeamViewer.

teamviewer iPad

First of all download the TeamViewer app on iPad and Windows PC.

After completing the installation launch TeamViewer on iPad and PC, and note the Product ID and password shown in TeamViewer for connecting with PC. Now put that ID and Password in your iPad TeamViewer and Tap Remote Control.



Now once you have done those steps, iPad gets connected with PC and able to view the screen of the PC. But if you aren’t able to interact with PC screen through iPad then give the complete access from the TeamViewer tray (shown at bottom right) with the list of connected devices. So TeamViewer has also an option to let iPad only to mirror. Incase to deny the access just uncheck the “access to computer” option.


With TeamViewer you can remote control android PC through touch and drag, tap and virtual mouse options. It comes with more virtual keyboard functionalities while the option for Keyboard shortcuts shown on top bar. Below is the list of TeamViewer features.

– Effortlessly access computers behind firewalls and proxy servers
– Intuitive touch and control gestures (including Windows 8 multitouch support)
– Full keyboard functionality (including special keys such as Windows®, Ctrl+Alt+Del)
– Transfer files in both directions
– Multi monitor support
– Sound and video transmission in real-time
– Wake-On-LAN: switch on your computer remotely
– Highest security standards: 256 Bit AES Session Encoding, 2048 Bit RSA Key Exchange
– Plus so much more …


If you have to control PC from iDevice for general purpose then RDC is best. RDC interactivity with PC improved more in last few months. The touch and drag functionality has been modified.

While if you want to use PC from iPad for presentation purposes then TeamViewer is like the only free option to do some additional work for you. The most important thing in TeamViewer is that PC will not logoff while using it from iPad. While RDC don’t let PC and iPad to use simultaneously.

However, I will not forget to mention that using PC from iPad via WiFi or Internet can give you a one or half second delay in stream depending on the signals strength.

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