Control a Phone Camera from Android Tablet

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As we know, mostly tablets come with lower quality cameras as compared to Smartphones, So it is non-favorable part of tablets for users. These days people like to capture pictures using smartphones. While sometimes they also want to control phone camera from a Tablet or take snaps from one phone camera to others. This process is called remote camera control and there are some apps that will do this for you. These apps allow you to take pictures remotely from other devices whether they are Android, iOS or windows phones, tablets, Mac or Windows PC.

However, here we will sort out remote controlling camera of one android phone from another android phone or tablet. This technique is more useful for group photography. While if you are using tablet to remotely access phone camera it will help you to check the image preview on larger screen with wider visuals.

Camera Remote

Control Android Phone Camera

Fortunately, there are some remote camera apps which give sound platform to get remote preview from a camera smartphone to a controller device and can also give access to bundle of settings for better camera results. Mostly the remotely taken images store on both devices. The camera stream always seem low quality but there is nothing to worry as the captured photo will be as high quality as the ones taken from phone camera. The low quality or slow streaming of cam and little time gap in retrieving images from the camera device is obvious since the connection is established over WiFi or even the Bluetooth.

Here are the main features of remote camera apps, some apps come with all these features while others may lack.

  1. You can take control of remote camera
  2. Surely, remote camera apps will let you take photos remotely from another android device
  3. Photos Save in both or single device storage
  4. Record preview frames on remote device
  5. These apps come with several camera remote tools
  6. Some remote camera apps support only Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connectivity while others come with both modes.

Control Camera of one Android using another with Camera Remote by Busy WWW

Camera Remote image features

Camera Remote is develop to take photos remotely from other phone camera while it also support screen recording along with camera preview. You can choose different qualities for screencast. It works on both WiFi and Bluetooth connection. You can also control the camera of an android device from Windows PC. The Camera Remote include Camera mode, Remote Mode, Remote Sync for connecting two cameras, WiFI Direct Mode and Image Video Utility.


Camera Remote Control Mode

Camera Remote Camera mode

Camera Remote Camera mode

While you can also try alternative apps including FUJIFILM Camera Remote and Remote Shot.

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