Experts are Optimistic about Detachable Tablets, Double Digit Growth Expected in Upcoming Years

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A new business forecast has been quoted recently by International Data Corporation IDC about the computers market including tablets for next four years. Although we have been experiencing continuous drop in the computer market from few years but this forecast includes some interesting details to know. According to the report, during next 4 years the market may shrink only 2 percent, which is not a major decline according to expectations.

The business market research entity IDC tracked the shipping data for computers and tablets and compared the estimates for the forecast. According to IDC estimates, overall computer and tablet market may decline from 435.1 million shipments in 2016 to 393.9 million 2021.

However, the eye-catching part in the report is the optimism for volume of detachable tablets like Microsoft Surface Pro. The research company expects the detachable tablet shipments to grow from 21.5 million in 2016 to 37.7 millions in 2021.

Detachable tablets are expected to achieve double digit growth from 2018 to 2021. Windows-based detachables are already leading this segment with 50% share while no change in scenario is expected during next 4 years. Apple iPad Pro holds 30 to 35% share and rest goes to Google devices.

tablet and notebook

According to report overall improvements are expected for detachable tablets, workstations and notebook PCs. IDC states 69 percent of shipments in Emerging markets would be traditional notebooks and slates. So price range remains a crucial factor for growth and large user base from emerging market can set the direction of tablet market.


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