Doodling on Tablet was not that Easy before Auto Draw by Google

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Generally I don’t draw while whenever I want to do this on my Tablet it feels like only the artist’s job (Though, they mostly do this on drawing tablets). Mostly people don’t have an artistic flair as the research says an ordinary person have to practice thousands of hours to be proficient in drawing. While my doodle on Tablet are also laughable and the situation gets more crazy when I have to draw on smartphones with fingers. However, Google comes up with a solution for beginners like me, as it was never that easy to doodle before ‘Auto Draw’ which is recently launched by Google.


What is Auto Draw?

AutoDraw ( isn’t the app or software it’s the web-based drawing tool which was kick started with the name Quick Draw. It’s actually an artificial Intelligence functionality which automatically detects the shape that you draw. It loads up suggestions for several objects related to the shape you draw casually.

Quick Draw

I’m sure most of the people can’t draw a bike, bag, Inkpot etc. So what if you need to draw these things to make an illustration or to get any little job done? When we draw anything (even casually) on Auto Draw it bring us the suggestions for right version of the item that we attempted to draw. Then you can change the color or fill the color in it, add the text, and select each item to move it or minimize & maximize the size. You can also connect a mouse with your tablet to do your task even more comfortably.

Below I have made a simple logo within five minutes on first try. While you can also export the objects made by AutoDraw to Photoshop or edit in any other image composing and editing software.


One of the drawback is that it is not affiliated yet with gmail or you won’t be able to make an account to save all your work within AutoDraw web app. However, it keeps the last drawn item at the same state unless you draw new or delete the Browser data but obviously you can’t synchronize it to other devices. While you can download the items you drew for external use from the main Menu.

It’s still a new service, so hopeful we will see many improvements and updates.

Update: Now the android app for ‘Auto Draw’ tool is available on Google Play Store.

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