Download Parallel Space for Tablet, App not optimized for Tablet

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Parallel Space is the app made for users to manage multiple accounts of any app or to use same app with multiple instances. Whether you have to separate work and personal social accounts or dominating the mobile or tablet device to other users in family or friends, Parallel Space app will be your friend. But you should know that it’s not available for tablets officially. So in this post I will tell you how to download and Install Parallel Space for Tablet.

However, I will also like to give you few tips on using Parallel Space for Tablet at the end. First I wanna describe the reasons why multiple accounts are must on tablet.

Tablet is the device which jibes between Mobile phones and Laptops. There might be different reason you love your tablet but some common use case is to browse the web, play games, and consume media in a better way. We use tablet for casual tasks, mobile phone is the device primarily used for contact purposes and laptop computers are devoted mostly for work these days.

But if you want to separate working and personal accounts of social apps. OR it might be the case you share your tablet to other users in family or friends then you would be required multiple accounts of different apps. Most of the observation says tablet is mostly used as a family device and mobile phones are mostly for personal use.

So it’s important for tablet users to use multiple accounts for apps to meet multi user requirements as compared to mobile phones. While Parallel Space Multi Accounts is the app which will help you manage multiple accounts.

Download Parallel Space for Tablet

Do keep in mind that Tablet users won’t be able to download Parallel Space from Google Play Store. The reason for wont able to find Parallel Space on Play Store when searching from tablet is that LBE Tech, the developers of Parallel Space have not officially optimized this App for Tablets. But you don’t need to worry anymore as there is a simple way to follow right now to download Parallel Space for Tablet. This app is working perfectly on my tablet.

You can download Parallel Space Multi Accounts app by following the simple method written below:

  1. APK file is the android package kit for any app so you can download APK of Parallel Space instead of Google Play Store.
  2. So first download Parallel Space APK from or search the Parallel Space APK on Google, Here are the search results for the APK of Parallel Space on
  3. Allow third party or unknown sources by going into Settings > Security and Privacy and check Third Party or Unknown sources.
  4. Now open the APK file from the located area and start installation
  5. After Installation you will be able to use the Parallel Space with same features that we find in Mobile version.

Tips for using Parallel Space Multi Account for Tablet:

  1. You can add many apps to run in two tabs through Parallel Space. This screenshot is the example to understand how two tabs of each app are opened. Parallel Space for Tablet-Multiple Accounts
  2. You can play Pokemon Go with two accounts at same device without switching.
  3. WhatsApp do not support multi accounts but you can easily make second account for WhatsApp through Parallel Space. It also works for other social apps like imo, Google Duo, BBM etc.
  4. Play games with multiple game data. When you will add a game in Parallel space it will be launched separately from starting level. Like if you are at level 50 of a puzzle game you can play from beginning in parallel space. It will not affect the progress of first game.
  5. Utilize the task manager to handle the storage and other system measures under parallel space.
  6. Hide the apps from prying eyes by following incognito installation method. By incognito installation no one can track the app in App Manager settings of the device.
  7. You can set lock for secondary accounts in Parallel Space.
  8. You can also make app shortcuts on Home screen. To make shortcut long press an App icon in Parallel Space.

If you have query about installing Parallel Space for tablet or experiencing any problem in using Parallel Space then feel free to write down in the comments.

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