E Ink’s 10.2-inch Foldable Grayscale Panel folds and opens up like a real book

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SID Display Week known for the latest in screen panels and displays took place in Los Angeles this week. In this event E Ink, the well-known maker of paper-like electronic displays used in Kindle, Nook and Kobo-style readers showcased a foldable panel. It is grayscale panel which allow the device to fold easily and it’s demoed in the video.

E Ink’s demoed new foldable panel will be used for e-readers which will be able to fold and open up like a real book. Its display size is 10.2 inch named E Ink Carta Mobius with 220 pixel per inch density which is pretty good on this screen size with new experience.

E Ink-foldable-display-panel

The display made up of plastic which helps it to fold almost to half while it has a bit of gap between two sides to fold the device easily. The eReader having this foldable display panel will have same benefits similar to other eReaders in the markets like power consumption and reading quality. While the demo version in the video also seems to have a somewhat glossy finish which can make it hard to read in some lighting conditions.

E Ink says it will start mass production of these foldable screens once it gets enough customers and anyone can contact them for the info.

Moreover, E Ink also showed samples of other display panels and devices, some of them are finished products and ready for the shipment. Among them one is 42-inch screen which can be used as signage for transportation, retail or restaurant menu boards. A small tablet-like display devices having 7 and 8 inch screen size was also presented which can be used to display details related to conferences.

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