New Report Confirms Facebook is Indeed Making a Tablet like Device

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According to new report, the Facebook’s experimental wing Building 8 has been working on tablet like device that features a laptop-sized touch screen. Report by Bloomberg suggests it could be announced in next Spring F8 Developer Conference. This is not for the first time we’ve been seeing the rumors about Facebook’s tablet like device but this report has imparted some fresh details about it.

However, the people who disclosed about the Facebook’s new device are being kept confidential by Bloomberg. According to the people, Facebook aims to build a device that will make consumers using the Facebook Video Chat Device across the globe feel like they’re together in the same room.

The supposed facebook tablet features a wide-angle camera lens, microphone, speakers and 13 to 15 inch touch screen. According to reports the camera lens, microphone, speakers are powered by artificial intelligence to help the device in interacting with the communicators in no time. The makers are also testing the features that would allow the camera of the device to automatically scan for persons comes in the camera range and will lock onto them for their coverage. The device in the testing includes a thin, vertical stand that holds the large tocuhscreen diagonally. While the reports also suggest that this video chat device runs a version of android operating system.

People who reported to Bloomberg claims large screen and smart camera technology of the Facebook Video Chat device could help people in the communication to feel like they’re in the same room. So the purpose of the device can be compared with the company CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s mission of bringing facebook users closer together.


Video Chatting Tablet represents a new product category by facebook according to the people familiar with the matter. While the former Google executive Regina Dugan leading the Building 8 staffed with hardware veterans once said the goal of the devices they are making is to “create and ship new, category-defining consumer products that are social first.” Last year facebook established the Building 8 lab to help develop its own hardware with the aim to keep consumers locked into its ecosystem like the video calling, Facebook live, news feed, and more.

The device is in prototype phase and is already being tested in people’s homes. Although, the spokeswoman for the Building 8 rejected to comment but haven’t declined these reports. So it hints that the Facebook tablet like device is really in progress. It would be an interesting device for the users who usually make video calls and like to stay live with their loved ones on facebook. Expected cost of the Facebook device is few hundred dollars.

Separately, this isn’t the single report about facebook’s new categories of hardware, we have some other reports suggesting Facebook also aims to make a standalone speaker to take on Google, Amazon and Samsung in the smart speaker space.

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