Google to bring its own Accessories for Pixelbook, Demonstrated Sleeve and Pen Nibs

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Google Pixelbook is a wonderful piece of Chrome OS Laptop and 2-in-1 device that postulates you to buy few accessories as well. So this time Google comes with its own accessories for one of its most premium device. Google has recently presented a Sleeve and Pen Nibs for Pixelbook on Google store.

The Pixelbook sleeve by Google appears like a wonderful piece of cover up that can also hold Pen along with Pixelbook. It is said to be made up of premium layered microfiber with a heathered coating to match some of the other Google’s devices, like the Pixel Buds’ case. The case seals the device inside with the magnets on flap. This sleeve can do splendid job to keep your device secure and more comelier.

Pixelbook Sleeve Google

However, Google have casted no word for the launch date and even the price is still obscure. While Google also showcased Pixelbook Pen Replacements Nibs in the Google Store. The pen tips that Google would have already packed in the box as more stylish Nibs or pen tips are prone to breakage or bend. Now there are 3 pack of nibs in the Google Store in the waiting list of launch.

Pixelbook Pen Nibs

The set of three nibs are available for $15 but the release date is still in the question.


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