How to Download Google Duo for Tablet

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Google has recently released its one-to-one video calling app ‘Google Duo’ in addition to Google Hangouts on android and iOS platform. Duo is being recognized as a rival app to FaceTime on iOS. It’s trying to hook on the way of video calling platform. It came to iOS and Google Play Store for download on August 15.

However, you can’t download Google Duo on Tablet from Google Play Store, so here I will tell you how can you download Google Duo for android Tablet in simple way. But before that I will like to tell you how Google Duo works and same procedure will be followed for the android tablet.

Google Duo is free to use for making one-on-one video calls with wonderful user interface. It doesn’t make much difference to other apps but Knock Knock is the single feature which is a sign of leading video calling platform to next level. This feature alone can lead the app to rank higher among the top one-on-one Video Calling Apps.

Duo on Tablet features

How Google Duo works:

  • You can download it on your iOS devices from Apple Store or on Android device from Google Play Store.
  • After installing the app enter your phone number. You will receive confirmation code via SMS then enter the code and you’re good to go with no login required anymore.
  • After setting up account you’ll set down to wonderful main interface of the app in which you’ll see camera field of view on top and Video Call button and Contact option below.
  • App will ask for few permissions to your device catalog like you’ve to give access for Contacts, Camera and Gallery.
  • Tap on the video call button to launch a video call it will lead you to contacts or tap the contact name showing near the Video Call button which is the recently called contact.

Google Duo for Tablet

As you know when searching for Google Duo on Google Play store from tablet we find no way to install google duo on tablet. The reason is same as shown there that your device is not compatible with Google Duo. But you don’t need to worry as there is simple way to download Google Duo on Tablet. Google Duo is running on my WiFi-only Tablet without any problem. So you can try this simple way for any LTE or WiFi-only android tablet.


1- If your android Tablet is SIM Card supported then you will be able to receive Google Duo verification code directly on it. But if you have WiFi-only Tablet, then first you need to have a separate phone with you just to receive code via SMS or Call.

2. If the mobile number you are going to use for Tablet is already affiliated with Google Duo account on another device then that account will be removed from that device. But there is no restriction to confirm the number again on that device. It means you can switch Google Duo account from tablet to mobile and mobile to tablet again and again.

How to Download Google Duo on Tablet

Here are the simple steps to download Google Duo on Tablet:

  1. First Download APK file of Google Duo from or search on Google, Here are the search results for the Google Duo APK on Download an APK file and Locate it on your tablet. APK Mirror gets uploads instantly after the release of apps’ latest versions.
  2. Now go into the device Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and Allow the unknown source to install the app with APK file
  3. After allowing the unknown source, open the Duo APK file and start the installation process
  4. If any downloaded APK file for Google Duo fails to install Google Duo on Tablet then lookout for different APK variants uploaded for the devices with different CPU Architectures. As Google Duo comes with APK variants compatible with different CPU Architectures. To find more ways to get Google duo on tablet check out my article on How to install Android apps not available for Tablet.
  5. After installation of Google Duo APK, start the account configuration process
  6. Enter your mobile number for verification code but it won’t be detected automatically
  7. Receive the code via call or SMS on your phone (for WiFi-only Tablets) for account verification on Tablet. If you do not receive verification code via SMS in next five minutes then choose ‘Call Me’ option and answer the phone call immediately on your mobile phone to get the verification code you need for Google Duo account.
  8. Next, insert the received code
  9. If done, you are now good to go for using Duo on Tablet. Now you can enjoy Duo app on larger screen.
  10. Add contacts to Duo if these are not already available on your tablet otherwise contacts will automatically be synchronized.
Let me know in the comments section if the APK file downloaded from the link wasn't able to install Duo on your Tablet.

This was a simple guide for Google Duo Android Tablet download. However, if you face any issue while installing or using Google Duo on Tablet then feel free to comment below.

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