Google is Offering 6 Months Netflix Subscription for New Chromebooks

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If you are going to decide about buying a new Chromebook then new offer from Google might change your mind if you prefer sometimes to watch TV Series in your spared time. The offer is granted by Google for the new Google Pixelbook, Samsung Chromebook Plus or Pro. With the offer you will get 6 months of free Netflix streaming. In this way you will be able to watch all movies and TV series on new Chromebook. However, it’s up to user that I he can utilize the offer best only like is he actually has the time to watch or can share the device with other persons.

The time limit for offer is December 31 it means if you have plan to buy or already bought aforementioned Chromebooks then you can claim your 6 months of free Netflix before 31st Dec. The plans include mid-tier or $10.99 a month plan which allow you to stream Netflix at a time on two devices. The plans will also let you download the episodes or videos available for offline viewing.

The fact important to be known is that you will get usual terms and conditions on the offer. Like offer cannot be redeemable or refundable for cash or exchangeable for a Netflix gift subscription.

If the price of plans increased anytime you will get the equivalent value of the new price plan in offer for Chromebook. The total value for the 6 months is equal to $65.94, which is a pretty good bonus. And of course you will have hand on a new best lighter format Chromebook device as well.

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