How to Install the Android Apps not available for Tablet?

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Have you ever seen this message on Google Play Store? “Your device isn’t compatible for this version.” If you are a tablet user you might have seen this message on Google Play Store when looking for the apps not available for tablet. Similarly, some incompatible apps wont show up completely in Google Play Store search results as well.


Why it is so? the reason is, it might be the case that some apps aren’t for different screen sizes and densities, and sometimes android developers restrict their apps to certain devices. While apps may also be restricted to only higher android versions like few apps require Android 4.2 or higher. So your tablet might be in the restricted list or otherwise that app is not made available to all android tablets.

However, those apps may run just fine on your tablet as there are some ways that can help you to download and install those apps on your tablet. So after reading this article you will be able to know how to install the Android Apps not available for your Tablet.

Install the Android Apps not available for Tablets

First thing you need to keep in mind that if you can’t install any app from Google Play Store then it doesn’t mean you can’t get that app on your device. Fortunately, there are alternative ways to download those apps on your tablet. However the best way is the side-loading of app’s APK on your tablet.

Install the Apps not available for Tablet by Sideloading APK

Download and Installation of APKs of any app from the web could be a security risk, however you should choose a trusted source to download app’s APK file, and here I’m recommending You can download app’s APK file from any trusted source and sideload it on your tablet.

Follow these simple steps.

  1. In the first step, search for the APK file of any app on Google that you want to install on your tablet like WhatsApp APK, Parallel Space APK, Themer APK etc. OR search directly on like WhatsApp, Parallel Space, Themer etc. APK Search on APK Mirror
  2. Lookout for the latest APK versions. APK Mirror gets uploads instantly after the release of apps’ latest versions. While few apps are also there with different APKs uploaded for compatibility with different CPU ArchitecturesAPK Details
  3. Choose one and download it on your tablet
  4. Locate the APK file on your tablet
  5. Open it for installation, while it might ask you to allow third party sources for installation if your device is restricted for Unknown sources for installation. To allow installation of apps from third party sources go into Settings > Security > Unknown Sources and enable itUnknown source Enable Unkown Source
  6. Now you can install APK on your Tablet. However if the installation fails then try other APK versions or check out different app variants related to your tablet CPU architecture like arm, arm 64, x86, x86_64 etc and Screen dpi like 160dpi, 240dpi, 320dpi, 480dpi etc. Architectures and Dpi
  7. If the app is still not getting installed then head over to another method to install apps not available for Tablet. But to follow that trick you need to root your tablet.

Install the Apps not available for Tablet by Bypassing Device Restrictions

If you have rooted device then you can install apps not available for Tablets from Google Play Store by Bypassing Device Restrictions. After rooting your device you can make your device appear to be another device by editing the build.prop file. While if you don’t want to mess with any system file then download “Market Helper” app on your rooted android tablet. This app doesn’t edit build.prop but uses same type of technique. Market Helper

Note: Market Help app isn’t available in Google Play Store, you need to download it from the developer’s website and sideload it. 

After installation open the app and make your device appear to be another device like Galaxy S7 or S8 etc. After doing this you can install any app from Google Play Store which is available for that device. After installation a reboot will turn your tablet back into its original identity.

Final Words

Sideloading APK file after downloading from a trusted source is the best alternative way to get android apps not available for tablet. Don’t get into Bypassing Device Restrictions even if you have a rooted tablet unless the first method fails to solve your problem. While sometimes APK Files of a few apps may not be available throughout the web other than Google Play Store. So in that case Bypassing Device Restrictions will help you. Try to use Market Helper especially if you are not a techie person.

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