How Moms can Keep the Babies Busy on Tablet Right from their Phone?

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As we know, in today’s modern world kids get absorbed more with interactive media running whether on Television or on Mom’s or Dad’s tablet. These days, most of the moms keep the babies busy with kids media when they need to spare some time to complete other tasks. So, taking that in note I came with an Idea of keeping the babies (particularly under age 3) engaged on tablet by staying away in the Kitchen or from any place with the help of some tools.

So, if you’re mom which gadget will serve you well to keep your baby engaged on tablet even by staying away? That’s your smartphone! Yes moms can control running media on tablet from their phone and keep the baby under their radar by utilizing tablet cam. However, for this purpose you need some tools installed on both devices, the Tablet and your Phone. You don’t need varieties of Parental controls for under age 3 to adopt this idea. So head over to the list of the tools you need and the steps to complete.

What Do You Need to Keep the Baby Engaged on Tablet by staying away?

There’re three tools you required to keep the Baby absorbed on tablet by staying away.

#1 First and foremost important thing you need is AllCast (Recommended) or any mirroring app on your phone and Tablet. AllCast is a productive app which will help you running your kids favorite media on tablet right from your phone when you will be away. Or it might be the case that your kid doesn’t like interruption during its screen time. With the help of this app you will be able to play and change the videos from your phone or another tablet whenever you want without directly approaching toward your kids tablet.

  1. So, download AllCast from Google Play Store on your phone
  2. Download AllCast Receiver on Tablet to run media on it from your phone
  3. Keep both devices connected over same WiFi network.

#2 Download the media on your phone that you want to keep your kid engaged with. If you have data available on tablet for the kid then copy it to phone by using ShareIt or any file sharing platform. You can also access Cloud Platform from AllCast app.

#3 (Recommended) Download any Baby Touch Screen Lock app. This app will keep the touch screen locked so your kid won’t be able to interrupt the media being played.

  1. Download Toddler Lock on your tablet from Google Play Store.
  2. Open and give it required usage access.
  3. Go to settings of the app and set unlock setting to “Quadruple click to unlock” so that you can only unlock with four taps instead of two which is default. Toddler Lock Settings
  4. Also untick the Unlock guide.

#4 Optional. If you also want to monitor your kid, like if he/she is staying around tablet or just bored, then you need a camera monitor app. Download IP Webcam app on tablet from Google Play Store.

Final Steps to complete the Process:

Now you are good to go with the steps below.

  1. Turn the WiFi ON
  2. Open the AllCast receiver app on Tablet. AllCast Reciever
  3. Lock the Tablet Touch functionality with Toddler Lock. Baby Lock
  4. Open the AllCast app on your phone and look out if the tablet is showing up in Players list 
  5. Tap on the name of tablet device
  6. Now, browse device storage and Play any media you want to keep the kids engaged with. AllCast


  1. Optional: If you also want to monitor your kid if he/she is staying with tablet or getting bore then before enabling touch Lock, open the IP Webcam app on tablet and look out for “Start Server” option. Tap on it. IP-Webcam-options
  2. Now the app will start streaming from your Tablet camera.
  3. You can watch the stream from your phone browser by entering the address showing at the bottom of the stream screen. Streaming-over-web-page
  4. However if you want to watch camera stream from Video Surveillance apps then download an Ivideon Video Surveillance app on your smartphone from Google Play Store. Create an Ivideon account and fill those login credentials under “Cloud Streaming” option in IP Webcam app installed on your tablet.
  5. Now go back to the Ivideon app on your phone and find tablet in the camera list. Tap on it and you are good to go with live streaming from tablet. Don’t forget to choose front camera from IP Webcam app. Follow this article for complete guide on how it works.

Now your Baby will stay occupied with media that you control by staying away on other tasks. If you feel any problem in following this process then feel free to mention in the comment section below.

However, if you liked this idea then like this post and I’d also like to hear from you about keeping the babies engaged on tablet by staying away or doing your tasks without worrying anymore.

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