Kids Can Learn Equally Well from Interactive Media through Tablets versus Face-to-Face Instruction

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Today we have a great news for the parents with their kids addicted to digital tablets. As we know the parents has been bombarded with stories about the harmful effects of using Tablet screens by kids but a research showed this is not all the case.

A researchers group under University of British Colombia’s Behavioral Research and Ethics Board has completed research for the kids to know about the Children’s rate of learning through Tablets or phone devices versus the traditional learning. During this research, they experimented 86 kids of age between 4 to 8 years.

The researchers taught new facts to the kids about the animals in two different ways. Half kids got instructed directly from teacher with novel facts about animal facts presented as a game while half kids were given iPads to play interactive media about animal facts. The new facts taught to the 43 kids were delivered face-to-face by female researcher and other 43 kids were represented with a pre-recorded female voice by Cartoon Llama as an interactive media condition. Same information on the new facts about the animal was presented in both conditions.


What the Research Result Demonstrated?

“Children can learn new facts equally well from interactive media versus face to face instruction,” a title of the study published in a Journal.

The result showed that the kids had a time with interactive media on iPad, proved same rate of knowledge as compared to the kids taught face-to-face by the teacher. The 4 to 8 years old children learned new factual information about animals from interactive iPad application equally well as they did during one-on-one instructions.

Birch, the researcher says, “A lot of parents even give their toddlers apps to play with, but they give reasons such as ‘to calm them or to entertain them,’ they’re missing an important opportunity to teach.”


So as the research results demonstrated, we can’t underestimate the power of a Tablet which can teach the kids with installed visuals more portably under their fingertips as compared to physical class. This research emphasizes that the parents can utilize the screen time of the kids for a good cause and can teach them more efficaciously by a little focus on the learning apps.

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