Kindle Fire wont Charge or Charge Partially? Here what to check before contacting Amazon

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Kindle Fire Wont Charge

There are several reports from Kindle Fire users that their Kindle Fire wont charge completely or charge partially or charge very slowly. This issue is difficult to solve if your Kindle Fire really doesn’t charge as battery is required to run the device. So you might have to contact Amazon but before that there are few things to double check and do before contacting Amazon.

However, first you should know that charging your Kindle Fire with Amazon’s cable and optimal charger takes 4 hours to charge completely, while charging with your computer by connecting USB plug will consume about 13 to 15 hours.

Potential Solutions for Kindle Fire Wont Charge:

Here are steps to solve your Kindle Fire not charging:

1st. Hold the power button for 20 seconds to force shutdown of your Kindle Fire and then try plugging the charger for couple of hours.

2nd. Try the same charger with alternative devices to make sure that your charger or USB cable is working fine.

3rd. If you sure that Kindle Fire is not charging or the light to indicate charging do not blink then try pushing the cable in or out further or move it gently for indication. It may give you idea that your device has loose ports as this problem seen in some Kindle Fire HD’s tablet. If your Kindle Fire’s port does seem loose then you should contact Amazon for a replacement request or fix new port from any professional.

4th. Try to use the actual charger cable that you had received with your Kindle Fire at the time of purchasing.

5th. If you didn’t buy the Kindle PowerFast from Amazon for accelerated charging then you need to check the quality of your charger whether it is reliable for your Kindle Fire. If your device does charge slowly then you should know that the general charge time for Kindle Fire is 4 hours. In addition, others chargers will also take only 4 hours to fully charge your Kindle Fire but if you think there is an issue in charger quality then you should try different one. Moreover, one thing you should know that it might take so longer to charge by using a low quality charger and this issue can start causing synchronization problems with the battery monitor. In this case, your device might not be able to display the battery percentage accurately.

If your Kindle Fire still wont charge, charge impartially or charge very slowly, then it’s time to contact Amazon for replacement or try to check this device from any professional if the device is able to be repaired without any damage.

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