Kindle Fire wont turn on? Here what to do before Contacting Amazon

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Amazon’s Kindle Fire range is a popular and cheap multipurpose tablet which comes with variety of apps and can be used for watching movies, playing games and reading books in a inexpensive price tag. While we have also seen, many users reporting a general issue that their Kindle Fire wont turn on. So today, we are going to discuss the ways to troubleshoot your Kindle Fire if it wont turn on before contacting Amazon support.

Kindle fire wont turn on?

Possible Solutions

Here are few things to consider before contacting Amazon support:

1st. The most common reason of Kindle fire not turning on is the complete drainage of battery. So check if the Kindle fire is fully charged that your fire tablet might be suffering due to dead battery. But you can’t see how much battery is charged as Kindle Fire won’t turn on so first charge it over night or let it plugged-in power cable at least 2 to 3 hours to charge battery to 100 percent or it should be charged at level of retaining power to start the device. If you know the battery was drained completely then it may take two to 5 hours to partially charge.

After completing the charging process now, you should turn the device on and device is also ready to reboot if the charging issue persist. If you get no success through first way then you should go forward as we will be discussing more ways to check your  Kindle Fire.

2nd. Another way to check the issue of Kindle Fire wont turn on is by finding the reason that the system of the Kindle Fire may have frozen. Try to retrieve whether last time you overloaded the apps or ran many processes which loaded lot of its temporary memory that caused the device to freeze. In this case, you will see the screen of the device is darkened or is fully off and you may conceive that device is powered off but actually, it is frozen.

Therefore, to resolve the frozen issue you should try to shut down the Kindle Fire by holding the power button for over 20 seconds. The screen may start blinking or changing the visuals during this process but you should keep holding the power button.

Now leave the power button after 20 seconds hold or hold the button again until you know it starts to reboot. However, a reboot might not help the Kindle to turn on. If the Kindle Fire again goes down after turning on or is frozen then you should try the factory reset immediately.

To reset the Kindle to factory settings go to Settings Screen by tapping “More” icon in Kindle menu. Next Tap “Device” to open Device Settings menu. In device settings you will find the option “reset factory Defaults,” tap on it to start the factory reset.

However after tapping “reset to factory Defaults” option, a pop up may appear depending on the edition of Kindle fire, tap on it if says “Erase Everything” to perform complete Factory Data reset. Now your device is restored to default settings.


3rd. If the problem still persists after following check by above methods then there is possibility of hardware damage. If any part of the hardware is damaged you need to repair it or replace it.

In this case, you should first check out your Kindle Fire from professionals, as it could be sensitive matter that can lead to permanent damage, or contact Amazon for replacement.

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