New Kindle Oasis is the first Waterproof Amazon E-reader and Comes with Bigger Screen

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Amazon always have been recognized as a leader of the E-readers with foundation of nifty Kindle lineup in the markets, and now it comes out with a 9th Generation Kindle offering some new appealing features. New Kindle Oasis is the first Amazon E-reader with waterproof rating and 7-inch screen.

The first Amazon waterproof Kindle E-reader earns higher waterproof rating at IPX8 as compared to few waterproof tablets available on the market with 6-7 rating. It’s a complete beach-ready Kindle E-reader.

New Kinde Oasis E-reader

New Oasis comes with a larger screen which moved the Kindle E-readers beyond standard E Ink Display size of 6-inch for the first time. The 7-inch screen can hold 30 percent more text than the predecessors. While it still maintains standard 300ppi resolution which includes 12 LEDs for the uniform lighting to the screen.

Another respective change by Amazon is the significant modification in shape of Kindle Oasis 2017. It’s one side is thin with 3.4 millimeters while larger bump on the other end. The case of the E-reader is also made of aluminum for the first time. It weighs 194 grams, heavier than predecessor which weighed 131 grams. But as it’s lopsided, it feels balanced and easier in holding one-handed as weight is centered towards the palm of the hand.

Oasis Technical details

The price of Kindle Oasis 2017 starts at $250 with 8GB of storage, cheaper than the predecessor priced at $290, while 32GB model costs $280. Going further, new Oasis also comes with a 32GB variant with cellular connectivity, available for $350. Amazon claims to start shipping Oasis to markets on October 31st while it’s available for preorders.

New Oasis has long battery life, which is 42 hour, and Amazon claims the battery can keep the device active for 6 weeks if used 30 minutes a day. The e-Reader gets charged within only 2 hours with its packaged 5W charger. Drawing in further, although the predecessor had two weeks of battery life but an included leather case added more six weeks of reading capacity. But this time Amazon has not included leather case and we may not see it anymore. So the unloading of leather case lead the new Oasis to $40 price drop as compared to previous Oasis. The users who want to have a leather case can buy separately for $60 or if have a choice of waterproof case then waterproof cloth case will cost you $45.

Kinde Oasis E-reader

This time Kindle Oasis also supports Audible for those who want to listen books instead of reading. It means you can listen from any Bluetooth audio device connected with your Oasis. New Oasis also comes with a few helpful accessibility features, including invert black and white for easier read at night, additional font size and boldness settings, and new ragged right alignment which we see in printed books.

New Kindle Oasis 2017

Connectivity features of the device include 4G LTE, WiFi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth, and a micro-USB 2.0 port.

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