Best Android Launcher for Kids (Under Age 4)

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Your tablet can be a great kids learning tool on its own but using it with the parental controls and Kids friendly User Interface according to their age makes it even better. So, for that purpose we see ‘Kids World: safe place for kids’ as one of the best parental control apps on android tablets. As the name suggests it is a safe zone for kids that will keep you away from worrying more about your kids when they have android tablet under their fingertips. It’s free app but come with upgrade options for advanced features. However, this app is more suitable for the kids with age category 1-4.

Launcher for Kids


  • Bright and colorful User Interface designed for ease of navigation for kids
  • Application Lock
  • Built-in timer
  • Blocked in-app purchases as well as ads
  • Recommendations to build your own list of apps for children
  • Parents can add YouTube playlists or videos (Premium) on device
  • Bundle of Video Content for Kids added in the list that you can also customize

While there are many other apps can bring kids zone on your tablet, KidsWorld includes a number of content adding and managing features that make you not worry about on your device. You can hand over your tablet to your kid and comfortably walk away after turning the KidsWorld’s mode on.

KidsWorld Home

There are two modes in the app; one kids mode and other one is parent mode. Through parent mode you can customize the controls and add or remove content. There are some important settings available to customize the app controls and interface, including Parental Controls, Password management, Network and Phone option if you have SIM Support android tablet, and Premium option for premium users.

Parental controls include Time limit, allowing video controls, Lock screen message after passing time limit, like “Time is up”.

KidsWorld Parental Controls

If you own mobile or SIM Supported android tablet then you can allow or deny incoming calls and mobile data in Network and Phone option.

KidsWorld phone

This message screen shows up when the screen time limit you set for kid gets completed. You can also change the message.

KidsWorld Timelimit

Video section in the KidsWorld has a bundle of recommended kids content to show. You can always add YouTube playlists or videos (Premium members only) for the kids mode.

KidsWorld Timelimit

The app provides various password options. You can exit the Kids mode interface without password by 3 seconds of press and hold on “Exit” button. However, you can turn this feature off and convert into proper password method if your child know how to switch the app mode. You can set a time limit to automatically stop the device access to the kid.


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