6 Best Math Apps for High School Students to use on Tablet

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Are you a high school student who study advanced level of math? Although learning high school math shouldn’t be more difficult. But fortunately, if you own android tablet or phone then it’s going to be more simple than that as there are many apps on app stores that have some inventive, challenging, and fun applications for practicing and mastering these advanced math concepts. These apps provide mathematical practice in areas such as calculus, algebra, geometry, statistics and many more. So below is the list of 6 Best Math apps for High School Students.

Best Math Apps for High School Students

#1 Graphing Calculator by MathLab (Android, iOS)

Graphing Calculator

This is a scientific graphing calculator app containing Algebra operations along with scientific calculator, graphing calculator, fraction calculator, matrix calculator, probability and statistics tool for high school or graduate students. Graphing Calculator also provides what a basic calculator offers and has one of the best user interface as well. It will surely replace your bulky and costly handheld graphing calculators with your android tablet or phone. This app also has library with free feature of saving expressions for future reference.

Graphing Calculator graph

#2 MalMath: step by step solver


MalMath is a wonderful math app which solves mathematical equations and gives us step by step description and graph view. This app can help those who have problems of understanding the mathematical solving process of the question in their math homework. It’s absolutely free and works offline. It solves Algebra, Logarithms, Equations, Integrals, Derivatives, Limits and Trigonometry. The app’s main features to mentions are its easier to understand steps using highlights, graph analysis, step by step description with detailed explanation for each step, generating math problems with several categories and difficulty levels, and save or share solutions and graphs.

MalMath Worksheet

#3 My Script Calculator (Android, iOS)

MyScript Calculator MyScript Calculator q mark

My Script Calculator is unique math app which gives same experience as writing on paper but with all the benefits of a best computing machine. It performs mathematical operations using our handwriting. We just need to only write the mathematical expressions on the screen then the app do its operation of converting symbols and numbers to digit text and delivers the result in real time. You can take advantage of S-Pen, or any capacitive pen for other android tablets or Apple Pencil if you own iPad Pro model. It also has Redo and undo functions.

#4 Mathway


Mathway is one of the best math problem solver when you need to know completely about the question you are trying to solve without paying. This app recognizes almost everything you ask. You can also take snap of the question or equation with the help of your device camera to receive instant answers. Below are the testimonials from three well-known websites:

“Easy to use and efficient, Mathway appeals to anyone who needs help solving mathematical problems, whether we’re talking about high-school students or undergraduates.” – Yahoo! News

“If you’ve got some math problems that need solving, check out Mathway. This tool will show you how it reached its answer, letting you learn from the process.” – CNET

“Mathway is an irreplaceable tool when it comes to problem solving. The app helps you do your maths homework. Not only does it do your assignment for you, it teaches you how to do it right. All you have to do is put the equation in and press the Enter button.” – Lifehack

Mathway solutions

Alternative: Photomath

#5 Math Tricks

Math Tricks

This app brings many interesting mathematical tricks to speed up calculating. Although Math Tricks app has most of the same features offered in above apps but it also helps those who want to hone basics such as the multiplication table.

Math Tricks solve

#6 Math Tricks Workout

Mental calculations skills help in sharpening our brain. Like if we try to mentally calculate the square of 123 it will surely give a decent workout to our brain. That’s why this is another important app not for only mathematicians but student of almost every subject age over 10. Download this app and solve number of challenging mathematical problems. Below are the examples of the math tricks that it includes. For more info visit Google Play Store.

Here is a list of some of the fun math tricks that you can learn from this maths app:
• Multiplication by eleven
• Squaring of numbers ending in five
• Multiplying two numbers whose last digits add to 10
• Multiplying numbers close to 100
• Addition and subtraction of of two and three digit numbers from left to right
• Mentally dividing a number by a single digit
• Multiplying two and three digit numbers using the vertical and crosswise technique
• Square two and three digit numbers using the square duplex technique

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