Microsoft is Allegedly Working on a Foldable Note-Taking Machine

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According to a report Microsoft is working on a foldable tablet with code-name Andromeda which can fold up and slip into a pocket just like a phone.

This foldable machine by Microsoft may let you make calls so it could work as a smartphone replacement but still we can’t call it a phone because it will not likely to be working in similar way as today’s phones do. It’s allegedly a new group of Microsoft’s handheld device aimed at a disparate niche. It could be an upgrade from pen and paper for end users.


According to report this portable device is designed for note-taking with the help of stylus or digital pen on touchscreen display. So we can categorize it as a sort of portable digital notebook. While as simple as it is, the Software will be Windows-powered (Possibly Windows 10), but the will come with Microsoft’s OneNote app as major functionality.


However, it feels like two Galaxy Notes joined together to make product which will use Surface pen. When looking at the concept images the Hinge between the two displays of the device seems to have a bezel less approach. This note-taking machine is a bit thick unlike the tablets we have seen in last few years. It’s thicker not only on folded format but even when the device is extended to two displays. The designer also hints that the hinge area has magnetism, making an easier access without further increasing of device thickness.

Surface-Note-open surface-note

The source says the company is targeting its launch for 2018. But still we don’t have firm details on this foldable machine. Hopeful, we may see more details coming to public anytime soon or months before its official unveil (if it really going to see light of the day).

Via: MSPowerUser

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