Microsoft not Coming up with Surface Pro 5 Anytime Soon

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“There’s no such thing as a Pro 5”, the Boss of the Microsoft Surface business said in recent educational event. So this statement hints that users who are waiting for Surface Pro 5 should know the fifth generation Surface Pro will not be coming or at least not sooner. Recently, the head of the Surface Business Panos Panay revealed the Microsoft event for 23rd May via his Instagram.

See you in Shanghai. May 23. #MicrosoftEvent #Surface

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However, Microsoft intends to release Surface hardware as it confirmed to the Verge and Panos Panay also included Surface as hash tag on his instagram post. While Panos Panay hinted CNET that the Microsoft is looking for meaningful change to release the next generation tablet.

The company further hinted that if they can’t come up with significant changes like lower weight or highly improved battery then they won’t be messing up for another tablet. So, there’s highly chance that whatever the company is going to release in the Event it could be a surface device with same name but upgraded specs.

So unfortunately, this time surface lovers will not be getting Surface Pro 4 successor. Whatever releases, at least would not be a Surface Pro device with change in design, better battery or other derivatives that users usually expect to get against the price they pay for the label ‘NEW’.

Separately, it brings worries for Microsoft’s Surface business if we see it in broader sense. Surface Pro range hasn’t seen an update since 2015 while the Surface business also saw 26 percent slump in last quarter. So, non-availability of successor to Surface Pro 4 Tablet may contribute even more decline in revenue.

In other sense, although the dip in Surface Business is due to the strict windows tablet competition according to Microsoft but it’s also aiding the Windows Business to tone up its presence in tablet platform. While Windows partner manufacturers will also be bringing $180 Windows laptops. The cheap laptops concept is said to be the part of strategy to compete with Google Chrome business in education sector. Will this strategy also help Microsoft to grab some Chrome OS market share in education sector? Well, to get the exact answer we have to wait for the launch of those $180 Laptops.

What we had been seeing if it was Surface Pro 5 to be released instead of Surface Pro 4 update? Have a look on rumors.

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