Microsoft’s Recent Patent Hints a Hinged Foldable Windows Tablet in the Works

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Few days ago we regarded a Samsung Patent of a tablet device with rollable display, and concluded that Samsung is developing Rollable or Foldable tablets or smartphones. It’s certain on the basis of many rumors and news reports that they will appear sometime but at least not soon. However we will always have an excitement to see the first ever tablet with a foldable or scroll-like display, as indeed it could change the course of the whole Tablet and Smartphone industry.


While the news stories of Rollable and Foldable devices are not only limited to the Samsung or Sony, as this time a Microsoft Patent hints it’s also working on hinged foldable Windows devices.


Recent Microsoft patents called up as “hinged foldable tablet” gives an in-depth concept of the device with detailed images. Patent focuses on the details of the hinge and give clear hint that the device will have three configurations. The device shown in the images folds to zero degree, opens 180 degree flat, and also fully opens to 360 degrees.

Moreover patent hints that the device shows single user interface when the device opens 180 degree flat while in other two configurations we may see separate user interfaces on each screen. There are Magnets and clever hinges adjoining and holding the device in the various configurations that also make the surfaces seamless when 180 degrees flat.

Microsoft-hinged-patent 2 Microsoft-hinged-patent 3

Although, the patent presents hinged foldable Tablet in the paper but the images suggesting the prototyped device is smartphone.

However it’s not clear whether we see a real Microsoft foldable device ever as patents are usually just to secure any company’s new ideas of their products with prototypes.

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