6 Must Have Surface Pro 4 Accessories for Productivity

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One of the best 2-in-1 Windows tablet is the Surface Pro 4 by Microsoft. Surface Pro 4 has all the functions that are considered in laptops but it’s also more portable to prove itself as an all around tablet as well.

However, there are 6 must have Surface Pro 4 accessories that will keep it charged, protected and help you make the most of it. Below are the accessories for the Surface Pro 4 to make your windows tablet more productive and a real 2-in-1. Note: None of the provided links are affiliated for revenue.

‘Must Have’ Surface Pro 4 Accessories for Productivity

Surface Pro 4 Type Cover

This accessory is most essential part toward the Surface Pro specification which turns it into a Laptop. This type cover is the official recommended by Microsoft. This most important accessory should have been included with the Surface Pro 4 purchasing but Company has separate it to head over the customization to customer choice. You can choose your favorite among five available colors: red, black, Teal, blue and bright blue.

Must Have Surface Pro 4 Accessories-Surface Pro 4 Type Cover

Surface Pen for Surface Pro 4

With the help of Surface Pro Pen you can sign the documents right from your Surface Pro 4 tablet. You can also write, draw, sketch and paint through this little Surface Pro Pen. This accessory is really helpful for the written work done. You can sign the documents before print or write down important note through Surface Pen. To note the plans and ideas One Note also provides separate option to use Stylus.

The Surface Pen by Microsoft is a pressure sensitive device which works perfectly with Bluetooth connectivity. It has multiple buttons for performing extra functions without touching the screen.

Microsoft Surface Pen

Separately, Microsoft provides this accessory along with Type Cover and dock in Surface Pro 4 purchasing pack. But if you haven’t got Surface Pro Pen with the Tablet then don’t forget to buy Surface Pro Pen for better input functionality.

Surface Pro 4 Screen Protector

If you feel that nothing is worse than a scratched screen then PlexShield Flexible Glass Screen is the accessory which will solve your problem. It will protect the screen from scratches due to a light fall or any friction. It will keep your Surface Pro screen protected in day-to-day travel.

Must Have Surface Pro 4 Accessories-Surface-Screen Protector

Surface Dock

This accessories is add-on to make your Surface Pro a working deck. Dock Station will help you transform your Surface Pro 4 further to a full pledged desktop computer. With the use of Surface Pro 4 Docking Station you can connect the tablet to monitor, wired network, printer and extensional Keyboard. Even you can make it a absolute media center by adding speakers. If productivity is on your forefront then this accessory is really a greatest tool to help you move around.

Surface Pro 4 Docking Station includes a Ethernet port, 2 HD Display ports, 4 High-speed USB 3.0 ports, a Surface Connection port and an audio jack.

Must Have Surface Pro 4 Accessories-Surface-Dock

Arc Touch Mouse

One of the best feature in Surface Pro Tablets is that these also supports Mouse which most of users like to use for navigation whenever they use Laptops and Desktop PC. So it’s common to have a Mouse navigation input especially for Windows devices. Arc Touch Mouse works similar to computer mouse and will make navigating around the Windows interface a lot easier. This surface edition mouse works with Bluetooth connectivity.

Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Surface Edition

Surface 65W Power Supply

To get faster speed of charge get a Microsoft Surface 65W Power Supply. It won’t let you worried about the time which generally takes to charge the device completely. You can also watch for 65W Power Supply by Zodiac, it is second most bought 65W Power Supply adapter by Surface Pro 4 users.

Surface 65W Power Supply

So these were our six quick picks for must have Surface Pro 4 accessories for your working routine. If you think there are more accessories should have been prioritized in the list then don’t forget to mention in the comments.

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