New Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Emerges on Zauba

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 which is allegedly the next high-end Tablet and resembles the Tab S family, this time spotted on Zauba. Zauba is the Indian website which tracks Indian import and exports.

However, the new model number shown at Zauba leaks doesn’t match the model numbers for Tab S series but the price and company name hints the next Samsung’s premium tablet. Till now Samsung has only Tab S family which ranges near the supposed price of INR 34,138 (USD $505) that shown in this leak. Moreover, the recent price cut in Tablet series by Samsung is also a sign of bringing an upgraded version soon. The company recently declared a huge price cut for the Galaxy Tab S2 from US $399 to US $250.

Zauba listing

Galaxy Tab S3 Specs

Unfortunately, again we have no sign about the specifications of Galaxy Tab S3 and according to GSMArena the price information on Zauba is usually not correct. So is this a new tablet family or really a Galaxy Tab S3, certainly we will get the exact details soon.

But according to rumors, Tab S3 is expected to come in two size variants, 9.7-inch and 8-inch, along with WiFi and LTE models. The tablet will be powered by Exynos 8890 and an Adreno 510 GPU. Moreover a bigger RAM and internal memory as compared to predecessor will remain a big change in specs. According to TechRadar the display aspect ratio will remain 4:3. The 9.7 inch tablet is also said to have 5,870mAh battery size while the 8-inch variant will powered a 4,000mAh battery.


Galaxy Tab S3 Release Date

Earlier there were rumors that Samsung’s 9.7-inch tablet will be officially released in September but that didn’t happen. Even Samsung had confirmed the launch window of new Galaxy Tab S3 for the September event. However, now the release of Tab S3 is highly expected in first quarter of 2017. The Tablet may run Android Nougat 7.0 which also hints the real reason for the extension to the launch date from September to the start of next year.

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