Nvidia Shield Tablet K1: The Best Gaming Tablet of All Time

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We view tablet a little differently to most of its features. Definitely, we’ve concerns on how a tablet looks, take wreaking tasks, read ebooks, play HD movies and how much storage it has. But most of our view heavily impacted by how well that tablet play games as game needs higher performance that will also help tablet to run other functions faster. So here, we are looking at the best gaming tablet of all time for meeting our gaming requirements.

The recommendation is without involving of money and gaming is obviously at the forefront of our decision, we will consider other things like battery life, camera, and design too at the end of this article.

 Nvidia Shield Tablet K1:

We are going to talk about the best gaming tablet that is Nvidia Shield Tablet K1. This 8-inch tablet is well known among the game fanatics. Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 is a high performance tablet, which has sheer number of ways to entertain gamers, but it is not all the case as it can work as an all around tablet as well. Shield Table K1 has 8-inch display with many features appealing you to choose as a gaming tablet.


Why Shield Tablet is the Best Gaming Tablet

It don’t make you appealing that you can play games from Google Play store on even with its specs that work best for games but there are some other features it comes with that will be discussed further in a little details below. The popular ways to play games through Shield Tablet K1 are; stream PC Games from NVIDIA’s Cloud gaming service called Geforce NOW on your K1 or stream NVIDIA games from K1 on a PC called NVIDIA GameStream. The other key option to keep your eyes on for making buy decision that you can connect Shield to a TV as well even on using a low-latency, and WiFi gaming controller to use Shield like a mini console.

The original Shield Tablet by Nvidia was released in July 2014 and then the company replaced that one with Shield K1 Tablet. Both tablets in the Nvidia family have same performance in terms of games but K1 lacks few other features for reduction of price.

Nvidia gaming tablet comes with sheer number of different ways to play games, marking it as a best gaming tablet. TheSHIELD controller and GeForce NOW game-streaming service makes this Android tablet an instantly transformed into magnificent gaming system. Its many features obviously tally you to play games but it also has been proved a good, all around tablet too.

 Multiple Ways to Play Games in Nvidia Shield Tablet K1

You will find almost any way possible to play games through SHIELD K1. Here are the multiple ways you can play games on SHIELD K1 Tablet.

1st:- Android Games; On SHIELD K1 we can play any Android game similar to other tablets. However, according to NVIDIA there are over 400 titles optimized games for touch or the SHIELD controller.

2nd:- Local PC Games; You can stream pc games right on your SHIELD K1 Tablet if you have Nvidia GeForce card with a decent router. Enjoy the high resolution PC games like Skyrim, Borderlands 2, Titanfall and Batman from your desktop or laptop through a feature on your tablet called Nvidia Gamestream.

3rd:- Cloud PC games; Cloud PC games were never known for tablets before. Now you can stream PC games through a Beta version of Nvidia Grid that is currently composed of more than 16 titles like Grid and Saints Row.

4th:- Console Gaming Mode: One of the best fit with your SHIELD K1 Tablet is your Console gaming mode. To utilize this feature you will have to buy a SHIELD wireless controller which is based on WiFi-Direct connection. Through which you will be able to play games running on Tablet with real thumb stick and control. You can use SHIELD Tablet as a console median to play games streaming on your HDTV. Another thing adds up  to an excellent gaming experience is that the Controller works based on WiFi connection instead of Bluetooth so you will face no problem in connection speed. The Wi-Fi Direct controller limits latency and at the same time, the controller supports up to 4 controllers.

Shield K1 console

5th:- TWITCH: Another way to play games on Shield Tablet run across its 5 mega pixel front camera that means you can broadcast yourself much better. When it comes to gaming, the SHIELD Tablet even supports the Game-casting to Twitch. Twitch is the way to broadcast yourself while playing game. Moreover, this platform is getting more importance and if you think it’s not a big deal then you should know that Google purposed to buy Twitch for $1B, as Google knows, the crazy gamers spend more hours with streaming games on YouTube.

All Around Tablet

This Nvidia tablet is not good only for playing but it does offer great features to prove itself an all around tablet as well. Here are the features that make the Nvidia Shield K1 an absolute tablet too;

  • It gets the android software update quickly, likely one month after Google Nexus phones and tablets get the latest android upgrades.
  • It has 16GB of storage in default model which is not too much for games but it is similar or larger than mid-range tablets. Moreover, you can avail the SD card for external storage.
  • The display resolution is 1,920 x 1,200 that is higher versus price tag and it does come with Stylus compatibility called DirectStylus 2.
  • 5 Mega Pixel front and back camera will further improve your experience. Front facing camera will make you feel well during Twitch broadcasting.
  • Stereo speakers are on front that will serve you substantially while playing games and consuming media as well.
  • LTE for Network connectivity comes with other price tags but it is not available at $199. Nvidia makes this feature optional for your priorities.
  • The Battery life of this 8-inch tablet is 10 hours over Video Playback.

Moreover, the graphics benchmark results showed that it’s 2-3x faster than the Apple iPad Mini 2 and iPad Air, and CPU benchmarks measuring the web usage have shown it’s about 130 percent faster than iPad mini 2 and iPad Air. You will also find it at top of the list whenever you will search for mid-range all-around tablets, as Nvidea make this tablet accessible to low range price demand.

So, this was our views on best Gaming tablet of all time. If you think SHIELD K1 Tablet is not best gaming tablet of all time then please feel free to comment below to give your point of view on this topic.

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