PBS Announces Kids Playtime Pad with Easy-to-Use Parental Controls

The Public Broadcasting Services (PBS), an American public broadcaster and Television program distributor has debuted its own branded tablet for kids. The tablet named as Playtime Pad, packs ton of apps for kids and the PBS Kids entertainment content including games, video clips, music videos and many more.

According to research Kids spend more time on using tablets than watching Television. So PBS as a content distributor decided to fill out the need for kids who use tablets regularly. The tablet is also preloaded with Company’s suite of mobile application. A few of them are PBS Kids Video, PBS Kids Scratch Jr and PBS Parents Play and learn.



The things apprising to parents is that it does come with 120 video clips, songs and music videos stick to age-appropriateness. Kids will also get entertained with 25 preinstalled games. While some apps are great to helpout kids creativity, one of them is Paint Box. It’s android tablet with custom version of Marshmallow. So in one way tablet also has access to millions of downloadable games and apps but the plus point for Parents is that it has easy-to-use parental controls. Parents can easily customize the experience like they can approve or block streaming videos, online games and installed apps, setting up daily usage time limit and even the hours when the tablet can be used.

Getting into specs of PBS branded Playtime Pad, it has 7 inch HD display with 1024×600 resolution, 2GB of RAM, 16GB internal memory, Front and back camera, MicroSD slot and have USB connection. There’s no details about the camera pixel quality. The performance is supported by 1.3Hz quad-core processor which is outperformed as compared to cheap price tag.


In addition, the Playtime Pad selling target seems to be grown-ups as it’s better for pre-school kids along with the colorful customized wallpapers and theme. The handgrip is also added on the sides.

Separately, the company stated that they want to fulfill requirement of today’s multi screen generation and it’s also related to company’s aim of meeting parents demand for more educational content for their kids. So obviously it also going to help PBS ecosystem and if your Kids are a fan of PBS then it makes no sense to not buy this Pad.

The PBS Kids Playtime Pad will be released on stores including Best Buy on 06 November. It will also be available online through Walmart and customers will also be able to buy it from PBS own Website. The price of the Pad is $79.99.