Turn android Phone into Remote IP Camera to Monitor from Tablet

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Previously, we talked about taking pictures and recording videos by controlling one phone camera remotely from other phone or tablet. That remote camera control works only through WiFi or Bluetooth connection. So what if you can access a phone camera and view live camera streaming by staying miles away from it even when phone screen is locked?

The way I’m talking about employs a phone now for security or surveillance purpose. This idea pan out the ability to watch and record what is going on in the house, in the basement or in the garden right from your Tablet screen. Your mobile camera setup will be connected over WiFi on same network or Internet. The camera stream will be viewed and recorded from the tablet web browser, or Ivideon and TinyCam Monitor (the monitor apps connect you with the cams). You can even switch the light of mobile camera from your tablet for the night watch or recordings.

How to make phone a Remote IP Camera to Track on Android Tablet

The things you should consider to make phone a Remote IP security cam to monitor on tablet are written below:

  1. First of all the mobile phone you gonna use as a security camera should be spare, no calls, no alerts.
  2. A Charging Cable with enough length in case you want to keep the phone all the time connected for streaming.
  3. Tablet, favorable due to its larger screen.
  4. IP Webcam and Ivideon (Optional) app.
  5. Local Network for Surveillance from home or Internet Connection to monitor from anywhere.

While the features of making phone a remote IP Camera and monitoring it from tablet are also worth noting.

IP Camera Remote Access Features

  1. Record Video in 4 formats include MKV, MPEG4, WebM and MOV.
  2. Date, time and battery level will be shown.
  3. Detects motion with sound Trigger.
  4. Let you integrate tasks.
  5. Cloud recording for motion triggered records which is intensively helpful incase to monitor baby and for the security.
  6. You can utilize Night vision, motion detection, sound detection functionality.
  7. You can watch video streaming Ivideon and TinyCam Monitor.
  8. With single app you can monitor three cams at the same time.

Now it’s time to head over to the steps for setting up an android phone to use it as a Remote IP Camera on Android Tablet(Without Root).

How to Track Remote IP Camera on Android Tablet

  1. First of all Install a popular App named IP Webcam (No Root Required), this app contain everything that I wrote above.
  2. Open the app, you will see these options including setting up video resolution, adding effects, power saving mode, sensors and motion detection, camera screen customization, login area, audio mode change, and connect with Security Surveillance Ivideon cloud streaming service.
  3. While at bottom there is also an option ‘Start Server’ where you will start broadcasting. IP Webcam options
  4. Every time you want to stream the video camera you tap on Start Server option and it will start streaming. IP WebCam
  5. Check the IP address and port number showing at bottom of the stream screen and type it on your tablet browser.
  6. The page will look like this.Streaming web page
  7. From this page Tap or Click on one of the video option available in front of Video renderer. The formats available are Flash, Browser, Java, and JavaScript.
  8. Now, you will be able to watch everything showing on camera and can apply dozens of options available on page. You can also watch streaming in Fullscreen.Camera Streaming options
  9. However, if you want to watch camera stream from Video Surveillance Ivideon then download the app on your tablet.
  10. After download create an account and fill those login credentials under “Cloud Streaming” option in IP Webcam.
  11. After connecting Ivideon account with IP Webcam you will find your mobile in the camera list of Ivideon. Tap on it and you are good to go with live streaming and enjoy tons of features provided by Ivideon.


I hope this post helped you to use your Tablet and spared Smartphone in a more productive way that gonna remove few worries for almost everybody. Even Moms can track out their kids when they are away from them. So it will be great pleasure for me if my post helped someone.

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