6 Best Piano Apps for Android Tablet and Phone

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If you want to teach some basic piano skills to the kids or just wanna enjoy piano on your tablet or smartphone then a good piano app can add more fun and pleasure to that. I don’t think it’s all great to learn piano through apps but you will get into some basics or otherwise these apps bring you more fun playing features. By using these apps you will be thinking like just busting with the keys and making your own music, whereas other times you will be looking to learn a right sequence for tapping the keys. So, in this article you will find some best piano apps for android.

6 Best Piano Apps for Android

Piano apps have a strong hold in the music genre apps for Smartphones and Tablets but there are hundreds of piano apps to download including the games. And probably you will not try all of them.

So I devoted a few days to try different piano apps for you and made a list on best piano apps for android. You can choose one of them which meets your requirement. While I kept the piano games in separate topic as there are plenty of piano games come with lot of fun beyond the virtual piano keyboard platform.

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#1- Piano +

piano +

Piano + is one of the best piano app for android and popular among millions of users, also because of succeeding into editors’choice. With over 40 million downloads this app has proved itself a best instrumental app.

It is a complete piano music app that teach you well with bundle of options. There are six modes in the app, you can choose whether to practice or perform. While other modes include Double classic, Double Mirror, Sheet Music, and Triple. Sheet Music mode is awesome to learn the lessons. One of the best thing I found is that you can learn piano with the speed you want.

According to the developers, there are over 50 thousands piano songs to play and learn(Obviously I can’t check them all). You can view sheet of the piano songs as well. Like most of the piano apps you can also record your performance. Watch video for more details.

#2- Perfect Piano


This is the app which will make you addicted to itself as it has plenty of ways to make fun with piano. Perfect Piano supports many modes including the realistic sounds plus plugins with additional instruments to add, supports external midi keyboards, let user import and export midi files, provides a perfect social musical environment where you can communicate with buddies like you, can play multiplayer mode in which millions of users come and join every month.

The feature that make it unique from other apps is the support for USB MIDI keyboard such as YAMAHA P105, Roland F-120, Ebey, etc. and an amazing online social environment in multiplayer mode to learn and play piano game.

So this app has almost everything to offer that relates to Piano World. Download Perfect Piano if it fits your need. Watch video to get more details.

#3- Piano – keyboard & Magic Keys


This app is an HD Piano comes with virtual musical instruments and the electric keyboard support. It has chords and tabs to learn which are one of a major factors in learning and playing piano. This virtual piano app lets you choose different sounds from 9 music instruments; Piano keyboard, Grand Piano keyboard, Organ, Harpsichord, Accordion keyboard, Electric Guitar, Harp, Cello Pizzicato and Vintage piano. It offers two scrollable keyboards; single scrollable keyboard and a dual scrollable keyboard.

There are hundreds of free popular and classic piano songs to play, whereas for many you have to watch video ads. You can record your play to listen later or set them as call tunes. You can rid of Ads with upgrade to full version.


At the end, one feature that I forget to mention is the fun playing with Magic Keys which will help you make music much like the real one with less efforts.

#4- Piano Melody Free


This app also has simple and wonderful interface. It is highly configurable piano app and can be resized into suitable level. As far I have seen this app is more simple in functionality and makes  adult like take on it. It will guide you with notes and check your play on song to tell if you played it correctly.

People who want simple and smooth piano on their device then this app is one of the best choice. It will help you learn the lessons in a most simple way. There are lessons with notes for every song which you can write down on paper to train it. It also come with a pro version. Watch the video to learn more about it.

Download Piano Melody Free

#5- Real Piano


Real Piano by KOLB is the most simple piano app in this list. The best part in this app according to me is the support of 20 realistic instruments; Grand Piano, Electric Piano, Organ, Accoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Electric Bass, Synth Bass, Strings, Horns, Clav, Harpsichord, Toy Organ, Banjo, Accordion, Sitar, Vibraphone, Flute, Vocals and Sax. However I tried ‘String’ with ‘Hold’ option enabled that gave me sounds kind a old movies piano music without any normal effort, I liked that.


More features in this app include Play in loop, 5 Octaves and Record mode.

#6- Musical Piano


Musical Piano comes with a little more than piano only. You can scroll grand piano, 2 octave stacked piano and 8 included the MIDI instruments. It also support other musical instruments including 8-piece drum kit, Pitch Pipe and metronome. You can learn piano in this app by trying practice mode which have piano learning game, Piano scrolls to correct octaves, auto accompaniment and hundreds of songs to practice on.

Tips on Piano apps

Set the size of the jets on the piano. Larger keys will help you gain more accuracy to get the right notes, while the smaller keys can indulge you with all 3 octaves on screen.

Moreover, it’s good if you use these apps on tablet instead of phone for higher accuracy. Choose the best piano app for android as par your demand.

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