3 Piano Games That You Would Never Stop Playing

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Previously I wrote about the best piano apps and now it’s the best piano games turn. Although apps with virtual piano keyboard also come with different in-app games to add fun or just to learn while Piano Games go beyond that.

3 Best Piano Games

So, below are the top 3 piano games that probably going to be your favorite play on your Tablet or Smartphone. In the list one game could possibly be not the best fit for smartphone and the other might not be able to give better gaming experience on your tablet due to larger screen size. However, one thing common in all these games is the huge variety of piano songs that pianistic will surely love. You can grab these games on all three popular platform, Android, iOS and Amazon Fire OS.

#1 – Piano Master 2

Piano Master 2

Piano Master is a Keyboard Piano Game in which you just need to follow the falling tiles on the Keyboard and it will make you feel like a real pianistic. But it’s not all done, this piano lesson game will also tell you score after every attempt adding stats on points, max combo and rating.


The game has more than 200 songs in 6 collections. The collections include Classic, Christmas, Beethoven, Chopin, and even National Anthems and Movies & TV. All songs can be played in three difficulty levels. So this game is perfect for everyone. It’s game for pianists, casual gamers or even the kids. The difficult levels are Beginner, Apprentice and Expert, which one you choose will in return give an ABC rating according to level of performance.

Piano Master 2 Songs

However, you have to unlock most of the songs with coins that you earn every time you perform. It keeps users propelled to unlock new songs. Watch the video to know more about its gameplay.

If you are iOS users then checkout the free and paid version of the game on Apple App store. While Amazon fire users can download it from Here.

Note: If you like piano keyboard games then you might also like Perfect Piano app which comes with multiplayer challenge to compete your virtual piano keyboard abilities with the users from all over the world. Checkout our post on best piano apps.

#2 – Magic Piano by Smule

Magic Piano

Smule company has been one of the most consistent music app developers on Android. While Magic Piano by Smule is one of the best piano rhythm game which comes with a lot of musical stuff to enjoy. It is really a kind of non-keyboard piano magic game in its own way and has been developed for the pianists and music lovers. Magic Piano turns the sound into piano prodigy. There are three difficulty levels. In easy mode you need to tap single finger while the hard level becomes most challenging with use of three and four fingers.

Magic Piano by Smule

However, this piano game comes with thousands of songs categorized in dozens of libraries including Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Kids Song, Movies & TV, Video Games, Musicals, National Anthems and vice versa. You can create and share your very own music. While the app also comes with the edit feature to edit all songs available. You can publish them to the public as well. It’s great app if you like to act as a music composer. Watch out this video to know more about the gameplay. iOS version of the game is also free to download.

Moreover, other apps from Smule developers are also worth watching. Visit their developers page on Google Play Store.

#3 – Piano Tiles 2 by Cheetah Games

Piano Tiles 2

With over 600 million players and its 4.7 rating on Play Store it would not be wrong to call it a mystery of Piano Tiles 2 (Don’t Tap the White Tile 2) by Cheetah Games. Piano Tiles 2 is obviously not a piano keyboard game but it will make you act like a real fast finger tapping pianist. It’s all about how fast and accurately you can tap. As the name suggest players must not tap the white tiles. The iOS and Amazon versions of the game are free to download.

Piano Tiles 2 long tap

There is ton of music to enjoy with collection of large number of songs. It has a variety of fun Gameplay. You can also challenge players around the world which makes it more compelling to experience. Watch the video to get more understanding on its gameplay.

However you can also try the first version Don’t Tap the White Tiles. The original version is little simpler but second one comes with more splendid music, better gaming experience and more exciting tapping speed competitions which I enjoyed a lot.

Moreover, as the piano tiles games are gaining popularity in the market with faster pace you can also check these two alternatives to Piano Tile 2 by Cheetah Games. Piano Tiles 2 by Sabzira has more simple gameplay as compared to Cheetah Mobile game but has awesome visual interface. While White Tiles 4: Piano Master by Brighthouse has more variety of fun Gameplay. It comes with dozens of modes to play. Learn more about these games from Google Play Store.

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