Play Nintendo DS games on Android Tablet

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Nintendo DS or NDS is one of the successful handheld video gaming consoles sold all over the world. But since the entry of the mobile devices in the markets most of the users have stopped buying consoles as there’re millions of games available for smartphones and tablet platform. While smartphones or tablets are also handheld devices so we can also use them as handheld gaming console.

Nintendo DS

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One thing I would like to distinguish that it would not be a good idea to play NDS games on smartphone as the Nintendo DS comes with dual screen so games are divided into two parts of the screen which makes the gameplay view even more smaller on the smartphone. Therefore, it’s better to play NDS games on a 7 to 10-inch tablet. In this article you will be able to know how to play Nintendo DS games on Android tablet.

How to Play Nintendo DS games on Android Tablet or Smartphone?

If you want to play Nintendo DS games on android tablet or smartphone follow the steps below.

Install a Nintendo DS Emulator

To play Nintendo DS games on Android tablet you need to install a Nintendo DS Emulator. Nintendo DS emulator is a type of emulator that allows a computing device to emulate a Nintendo DS console’s hardware and play its games on the emulating platform.

Fortunately there are many emulators available on Google Play Store for Nintendo DS. However, I have tried only three out of them; nds4droid, NDS Boy and DraStic DS. I also compared the difference between these three NDS emulators and came to know that Drastic DS is the best emulator to play NDS Games on Android Tablet or Smartphone. nds4Droid doesn’t run the game smoothly on android devices with average specs, NDS Boy do its job a little better, while DraStic DS has best performance in terms of speed and graphics.

Although DraStic DS is a paid emulator on Google Play Store but I have installed APK file of its older version and uploaded it on Google Drive which is free to download.

Get ROM File

After installing the emulator you also need to have ROM file of the game to play. You will have to get it separately as games aren’t bundled with most of emulator apps because developers don’t want to be bothered with legal issues due to such files. Without ROM you won’t be able to play games in any emulator.

Disclaimer: Downloading ROMs is illegal in almost all countries. You must get a genuine copy of the game. I don’t support piracy. While reader discretion is advised.

ROM file should include .nds extension. Above emulators also have the ability to extract compressed archives such as .rar and .7z files. Most of the emulators will scan your device for .nds extension but you can Move the ROMs file to a separate folder. Its good if you keep all ROMs for games in one folder.

Launch the Emulator

DraStic DS Launch game

Now launch the emulator and if it has scan option tap scan or navigate the folder under browse option. Find the game and Tap it to launch.

DraStic DS (3) DraStic DS

There are in-game virtual buttons in all emulators to control the characters. In the screenshots you can also look at the difference in portrait and landscape view. Below are the screenshots of another game.

DraStic DS DraStic DS

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