Pokemon Go Plus: Everything You need to Know, How it Works, Features, Pros and Cons

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Pokemon Go Plus is the Pokemon Go tracking device officially released by Nintendo on September 16. This device has gone viral in the Pokemon World due to its nifty features.

Actually it helps the players to find, spot and capture Pokemon even without turning the phone screen on. It allows you to keep connected with Pokemon World in any condition. Although, the Plus device distracts from the real Pokemon collecting experience but it’s an useful tool to level up the Pokemon user’s motive. It tots up more fun to the game with its own smashing features.


So it’s important for Pokemon Go fans to know all the things about Pokemon Go Plus. We have written down the details on how Pokemon Go Plus works, its features, pros and cons below.

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Everything You need to Know About Pokemon Go Plus

1. Works with Bluetooth Connection

First thing you need to know is that it requires Bluetooth of your mobile or tablet to connect with the game. So Pokemon Go Plus works best within 15 to 20 feet distance. Moreover, the phone or tablet must have Bluetooth version 4.0 or higher to work perfectly with the device.

2. How to connect Pokemon Go Plus?

Lookout for Pokemon Go Plus option in the settings of the game to set the Plus device first time with Pokemon Go game and make sure your Bluetooth is on. After taping the Pokemon Go Plus you will see a quick tutorial and available devices. The app will start searching for plus. Press the Plus center button to make it available to sync with the game.

The game displays a pin on the game’s main screen to quickly connect or reconnect the Go Plus device. While the users have reported slow connectivity issues on Android as compared to iOS devices.

3. Pokemon Go Runs in Background

Actually you are required to keep the game running in the background to make Go Plus device workable with the game. Pokemon Go game and GPS will be running on tablet or phone in the background. The device also works when your phone screen is locked . Of course it will help-out the battery life but won’t make big difference as game(along with GPS and Mobile data) will keep running in the background.

4. Alarms on Nearby Pokemon

Whenever a Pokemon comes nearby you it alarms you with vibration and blink of light. It buzzes with prolong fashion when a pokemon appears in front of you. Moreover, it will flash green light when you come nearby a Pokemon which you have already caught and will flash a yellow light when a new Pokemon comes in your way which you haven’t been caught before.


5. Let you Catch Pokemons

When Pokemon Plus buzzes with prolong fashion then it’s time to catch pokemon. To catch the Pokemon you will need to press the button to throw a Poke Ball. You can catch without looking at the mobile or tablet screen.

The device blinks multicolored lights if you succeeded to catch pokemon and will flash red light if it ran away. If it doesn’t blink multicolored or blinks the red light then it means you have to try with pressing the button again for next attempt or it might be the case you have no more PokeBalls.

6. Can Capture All type of Pokemons

First it was anticipated that device only let you catch already captured Pokemons but actually you can catch any type of Pokemons including the new pokemons. As mentioned above it flashes green light on already caught pokemon and will blink yellow light if you haven’t caught it before. While using the Go Plus you can’t know what are you catching unless you open the game on your tablet or phone and lookout at the notifications on Home screen or the Pokemon history within the game.

7. Alarms on Nearby PokeStops and Collects any type of Items

Go Plus vibrates and blinks blue light when you reach in the range of Pokestop. When this happens users are required a single button press to collect the items.

The device blinks multicolored lights if you succeed to collect items, and red light when you go out of range. The item collected will directly go to Inventory. These items could be Poke Balls, Berries, Pokemon Eggs or any other items. You can later check the Notification bar or open the game to see which item you have collected.

8. Tracks the distance for Eggs and Buddies

Pokemon Go Plus also tracks the distance for eggs and buddies. The device keeps working for users in the background to hatch eggs and buddies appetites for exercise sated. Users can see the progress after turning the screen on. All the stuff works in background and goes to the phone’s notification roll.


Early, this feature was denied to come with the device. It’s really a nifty feature of Plus that sustain the benefit of this golden device for Pokemon players even if they don’t have intention to catch pokemons. Don’t miss to look out at the journal within the game which is a log of your all Pokemon Go game activities.

9. Price Tag

Of course $35 for Pokemon Go Plus is pretty sizeable price tag if you are fond of playing Pokemon Go. This price has been set for the device from day one and Nintendo has not disclosed any plan to change the value of this viral device.

10. Remember it’s Not a Waterproof Device

Before you anticipate the Go Plus as waterproof  I want to tell you that it has not such feature. It means you should keep it away while showering.

11. Compatibility

Pokemon Go Plus works with iOS 8-10 and users who have iPhone models older than iPhone 5 won’t be able to get benefit of this device. Compatibility with iPads is also not guaranteed, while 5th generation iPod is also incompatible with the device.

The android devices which comes with 2GB RAM or more can work with it. In addition android 4.4 or later are supported but the handsets should also have Bluetooth version 4.0 or higher to work perfectly. The compatibility of android tablets is also not guaranteed even if they have compatible features.

So unfortunately the pokemon go players with incompatible device will have to upgrade their handset in order to enjoy this Pokemon Go shortcut. We can consider compatibility issue as one of the big cons of the Pokemon Go plus device.

11. Battery

The Pokemon Go Plus functionality requires you to run the game in the background on tablet or phone. However, the game display is one of the many reasons for battery drain and game works with the plus when the screen is locked or off. So it will definitely help the battery life but won’t make a big difference as the GPS will keep juicing your battery in the background.

In addition, the device runs on CR2032 Cell Watch battery but it’s not has been estimated yet that how long it can last.

12. Design and Built Specs

pokemon-go-plus-built pokemon-go-plus-slot

Iconic Pokeball design won’t keep it unnoticed. Pokemon Go Plus is although small but it’s thick as well. The device is made up of hard plastic that won’t break easily. You can clip Pokemon Go plus with your pocket or belt corner. More lofty way is strapping it with nylon bracelet to wear it on wrist.


13. Can’t Apply Pokemon Catching Tactics

The one of the cons of Nintendo’s Plus device is that you can’t catch pokemon using Great or Ultra balls and in the same way no berries or curveball tactics.

14. A Little Practice Needed 

Before you go into complete dependence on Pokemon Go Plus you will need a little practice to catch Pokemons without carrying or looking at the mobile screen. Plus device distracts from the real Pokemon collecting experience and may affect your skills of catching Pokemons in the game.

So this was a guide on how Pokemon Go plus works, features and pros and cons. If this post was helpful to you then give us a favor by liking it.

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