Why Pokemon Go Plus is More Valuable Accessory to Tablet Users?

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Half billion downloads within few months is the real label to Pokemon Go success while dozens of million users have serious addiction to play this game in daily routine. While, it remained a problem for tablet users to play Pokemon Go due to their large size. The size of tablet make it inconvenient to play Pokemon Go whether its android tablet or iPad. And of course my 10.1-Inch Tablet frustrates me more to play this game (Although S6 is the phone I used to play with).

However the good news for tablet users is that just now you can get rid of worrying about playing Pokemon Go on larger devices. The accessory that released by Nintendo can be proved as the ultimate solution to this problem. It also gets hype in selling just after the release and Hundreds of thousand fans have already bought this through Amazon and GameStop pre-orders and the official availability on stores by this Friday morning in North America and other nearby regions.


Two weeks ago Nintendo’s official twitter announced the Pokemon Go Plus release date for 16 September, the Pokemon Go device which gonna become your main Tablet accessory from now if you are a diehard Pokemon Go fan.

What is Pokemon Go Plus?

Pokemon Go plus is the accessory made by Nintendo to help players to play Pokemon Go without carrying Smartphone or tablet. It always alarms you with blink of light when Pokemon comes nearby you and you get PokeStop alerts with blink and vibrate.

Whenever pokemon comes closer, Pokemon Go Plus will start flashing the light and when you pass the PokeStop, it will again flash but this time along with vibration. In addition, you can catch Pokemon with pressing the button without looking at the tablet screen.

You are only required to keep the Pokemon Go game and GPS running on tablet or phone in the background and even you can keep your screen locked.

To catch the Pokemon you will need to press the button to throw a Poke Ball when it comes to your catching domain. It will flash and vibrate again to let you know if your attempt was successful or press the button more times till you succeed in adding Pokemons to you pokemon inventory.

It buzzes on nearby PokeStops, then once you press the button and when each item you receive. But it buzzes with prolong fashion when a pokemon appears in front of you. And will cue the 1..2..3.. shake and will flash red or green depending if you succeeded in catching Pokemon or you missed it on that try.

Why you should buy Pokemon Go Plus?

The key benefit of using Pokemon Go Plus is that by using it you can catch pokemon without taking out your tablet device. So why you won’t use a accessory which is designed to alert you on nearby PokeStops, nearby pokemon you can catch and let you catch pokemon without taking out your tablet?

Price of the Pokemon Go accessory is $35 and fans can’t ignore it anymore as it’s now available for sale. It’s a nifty shortcut for the game and has more features than that were supposed. You can also save battery life of your Tablet with the help of continuous Go Plus tracking while locked.

Pokemon Go plus has a clip if you want to attach it your pocket or belt and you can also screw it with bracelet to wear it on your wrist.

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  1. Too bad Nintendo doesn’t recognize tablets as a compatible wireless device. I have had connection issues and they emailed me back that the go plus was designer for smartphones, so they would not troubleshoot me any further.

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