Remote Control Android from another Android Phone or Tablet

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Probably, there are many cases where we need to share screen or give a remote access of an android phone to another android device like Android Tablet or Smartphone. However, instead of discussing the reasons we would like to head over to the solution for remotely controlling android from android or mirroring android to android.

Before this we have discussed the ways to mirror or control android from Computer and mirror or control Windows Computer from android. But mirroring and remote access between android devices is a bit different task to do. So, it’s time to find the ways to screen android to another android device.

Remote Control Android from another Android Device

For this purpose, I will be focusing on two ways to make a remote connection from android to android. We will sum up the ways in accordance to non-rooted and rooted android device.

The reason to differentiate between apps and functionalities for root and non-root device is that root devices are able to do many customized tasks which might be restricted by android. While some apps also can’t allow remote operation between un-rooted android devices.

Remotely Control Android from Non-Rooted Android Device

To remotely control Android from another android phone or tablet we will use Optia app developed by OPTiM corporation. This android app enables users to operate other android devices also running Optia. This app is simple and secure to connect remotely between android devices.


This app platform is divided into two apps by the developers; one is fully compatible with Samsung Galaxy devices with android while second app named Optia Viewer is for other android phones and tablets.

Here are steps to connect and operate the android device remotely.

  1. In first step Optia app should be installed on both devices.
  2. Keep the device connected with same WiFi Network or use Internet to access the other device Via Optia
  3. Open the app on both devices, Tap on Add Contact and enter the instant number of the other device.
  4. Now connect with the added contact.


  • Let Screen Sharing between android devices.
  • Remote Access between devices.
  • Users can send and receive text messages using remote control feature.
  • Supports WiFi and Mobile Data Connectivity.

Check out the Video on how Optia works.


You can also use TeamViewer platform to control android phone from another android phone or tablet. Download TeamViewer QuickSupport app on mirror device and TeamViewer remote app on controler device. Note the ID shown on QuickSupport app opened in one device and put that id in TeamViewer remote app in second android device and tap remote control.

Remotely Control Android from Rooted Android Device

If you are root android user then you will be getting most of the stuff from RemoDroid. This app is developed solely for mirroring screen and remote operations between android devices. It requires a rooted android device to remotely controlled by another android device. The app works over WiFi and Mobile Data.


Basically there are two parts in the app. One part is with the option ‘Connect’ which is to make a connection to a another android phone or tablet while second part is ‘Stream’ which is to give an access to second device. The phone you wanna connect to another android device don’t require root permission while the phone you have to access remotely (streaming phone) should be rooted. You will need to Tap the ‘Stream’ option.

Through this app you will not only be able to see the screen of the phone but can also remotely control that android device from another android phone. Here are the 3 steps you need to do for get into remote operation between android devices.

  1. Install RemoDroid on all Android devices
  2. Connect to same network over WiFi or any internet connection.
  3. Tap on ‘Connect’ to access the other android device (No Root Required) and tap ‘Stream’ to give Access from streaming phone (Root Required).


  • Two ways app; users can stream as well as remotely access from one device.
  • Streamed device is required to be rooted.
  • You can do whatever you want on connected device through remote access.
  • Supports multiple users to connect to one device.
  • Supports Local Network and Internet.

Check out the Video on how RemoDroid works.

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