Best Way to Remote Control Android from PC via WiFi or Internet

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As we know that there are many android phone or tablet users who want to cast the screen to PC or remotely access the device from PC. So, today I’m going to write down a guide on how to remote control android from PC or mirror android to PC through wifi or internet.

Generally there are more than one reasons for Android users to utilize PC screen and functionality for Android. These reasons could be giving a presentation, record the android screen, view images or videos on bigger screen without putting some time to save the media on PC, opening apps on PC or being able to play or show games on larger screen. And sometimes there could be no productive cause to do this instead to just have a fun.

Remote Control Android from PC and Mirror Android Screen to PC

So I have tried several ways to mirror Android to PC and control the android device from PC via WiFi or the Internet. And fortunately, found a most beneficial way that can do this work genuinely for me.

While I also launched a one of best Android swiping game from PC. Surprisingly, the mouse nicely interacted with the game. It means you can easily play swiping games from PC including, Fruit Ninja, Candy Crush, Egg, Inc. and vice versa.


I was also able to type the text from the PC and launch the videos. It feels really nice to view everything from android phone or tablet on larger screen when you need it.

You can easily mirror your Android screen, remotely control your phone or tablet from PC, and even by following this way you can also easily transfer files and folders from phone or tablet to PC. One of the other best things in this method is that you don’t need to root the Android device.

So head over to the guide below to get most of it.

How to Control Android from PC and Mirror Android Screen to PC?

The most genuine way I found to remote control android from PC and mirror android screen to PC is the use of TeamViewer. After using this platform you will be able to do many stuff that you can’t do in other programs. So here is how you can mirror android to PC and remotely control Android device using TeamViewer.

In order to follow this way, download and install TeamViewer Windows program on PC and the TeamViewer QuickSupport app on your Android phone or tablet.


After launch the QuickSupport app on Android device, a popup may open up with the message to download a tool related to your device manufacturer from Play Store. But if you don’t see popup then download it manually by going to Google Play Store and find your device manufacturer like, QuickSupport for Samsung, QS Add-On: Sony, QS Add-On: Huawei, QS Add-On: Lenovo etc.


After this, on the home screen of the QuickSupport app you will see an ID number, note that number in order to connect your android device to PC.


Now open the TeamViewer program installed on PC and enter the ID in Control Remote Computer section. Now click the connect to partner option.


After clicking the button a message will pop-up asking a permission to let your android device control by PC with the name of admin of the PC. So, Tap on Allow to continue.


After this another alert will show up on your Android device screen to let you know about the action. Simply tap on “Start Now” to continue.

Now PC will start mirroring your android phone or tablet inside the TeamViewer program. It will be not only mirroring of the screen but you will also be able to control and interact with the android device. Here are few screenshots taken from PC:

mirroring-android-to-pc-horizontal-view playing-game-on-android-table-from-pc mirror-android-to-pc-features

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