Remote Control Digital Camera from Android Tablet or iPad

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Here you will know about using an android Tablet or Smartphone to remote control any DSLR Camera. It’s not a new concept to use smart devices as remote for a digital camera but if you have never utilized your Tablet in that way then you are at right place to get a basic understanding over this functionality.

Remote Control Digital Camera

In this post I will cover the basics of remote viewing and shooting pictures using a digital camera with an Android Tablet or Smartphone with the help of some Digital Camera Apps. However, this post is a quick guide and refers to some useful links to troubleshoot any problem related to your camera model.

Whether your Camera has WiFi functionality or not you can remotely control your camera with advanced access to camera functionality including the shutter speed and focus. You need to use the cable for non-WiFi camera.

Digital camera apps we use for controlling DSLR from android are available to download from Google Play Store. Some apps may cost you some money. However, to open the doors to an array of advanced shooting options and flexibility you will have to see whether the app is compatible with your DSLR and android device. Some cameras and android devices have partial support for advanced features. You can see the list of compatible devices for the remote digital camera app from developers’ web pages.

Benefits of Remote Digital Camera Control

Since there are many benefits of remote digital camera access on android table or iPad, you can take a look on few of them:

  1. You will be able to interact with the Camera on a real screen.
  2. The remote capture will be helpful in a range of situations especially when shooting self-portraits or your photos with others or even to capture by hiding away. It will make you able to see your image before you shoot.
  3. It will allow you to remotely trigger your camera’s shutter.
  4. Most of the apps and cameras let change the shutter speed and Aperture controls if your camera support these features.
  5. You can set the focus of the camera with a single tap.
  6. It will help you get rid of dSLR’s small screen and larger screen size of tablet will make you able to do what you can’t do from camera screen.
  7. Edit the pics saved in camera right from the tablet.
  8. You can save and back up all images to your tablet during photography without waiting and removing the memory card.
  9. When connected with internet you can easily upload or email images to popular social media sites soon after they have been taken.
  10. A remote capture will remove the chance of error along with applying the automation.

Remote Digital Camera Access Via WiFi

At one time Wi-Fi connectivity was a bonus for a digital camera but now it’s becoming increasingly common, through each manufacturers respective ranges. There may be some questions about the speed of connectivity but we can’t ignore several advantages of wireless connection. However, one thing that more appealing is the ability of these cameras to be remotely control using a Tablet or Smartphone. While some cameras that feature Wi-Fi connectivity don’t need any Wi-Fi hotspot to connect with other device but they have wifi hotspot to let smart devices connect with them.

However the apps used for this purpose also depend on the type of camera you have, as most of the primary manufacturers officially offer apps to use them for remote access. Apps act as an interface between the digital camera and android device. However you can head over to First-Party app related guides for more details.

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In order to control your dSLR from tablet download the digital camera app on your android Tablet or iPad. There are several apps but this article on top camera apps will help you choose the one which fits you. EOS Remote and Camera Connect by Cannon, DSLR Controller, Wireless Mobility Utility are few of the popular apps.

Turn your camera’s wireless utility ON and connect tablet wifi with camera and you can save the connection to automatically connect next time.

If connection was successful a LED will glow depending on type of cameras you are using. After opening the app you are good to go with remote access to the dSLR right from the tablet. Now you can look what the camera sees.

You can also checkout an article like Shooting Wirelessly with Nikon Digital Cameras for complete guide on Nikon DSLR remote connectivity.

Screenshots of the Apps:

EOS Remote

Wireless Mobility Utility app

Remote Control Digital Camera

Remote Digital Camera Control Via OTG Cable

Many people own a non-WiFi camera and want to connect it with tablet or phone remotely. So they have to depend on OTG Cable to establish a connection for controlling a DSLR Camera from smart device, although it’s a less portable way.

To control DSLR right from your tablet you should have Camera USB cable and MicroUSB to USB converter cable or socket which is also known as OTG cable. The App need to be installed to act as an interface between the digital camera and android device.

First Install a DSLR app like DSLR Controller. Then, connect your Camera USB cable to OTG cable and then plug it to the Tablet. Now the app will detect the camera and you are good to go with the camera remote access from Tablet.

However, it would be better to use your spared tablet for this purpose if you do hours of photography a day as the Cable connection can juice battery faster.

Final Words

If you are fond of photography with your digital camera then you should also try to experience a camera remote functionality with tablet or iPad. The non-WiFi Cameras can also be accessed wirelessly but you will need another android phone or tablet. Quick Steps:

  • Download DSLR Controller app on both android devices
  • Connect one device with camera via OTG Cable and launch the app
  • Open the DSLR Controller app in the second device as well and connect with the first device via WiFi.
  • The app will start displaying same camera streaming on your smart device via WiFi
  • Now, you can control Camera Wirelessly, for detail guide go to TomsGuide’s tutorial.

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