How to Remotely Access Windows PC from Tablet via WiFi and Internet

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In this article you will learn how to remotely access Windows PC from any Tablet or iPad in a more effective way. With the remote access to your PC you will be able to access a desktop web browser, files and programs that can run only on that machine under your fingertips. You can also enjoy intensive memory consuming programs like Adobe Photoshop and several Video editing programs. The most preferred case is the use of your super computer right from your bed with the ease of portability, accessing your office computer from your home, or setting up a download on your desktop computer while you are away.

However, it’s up to you that why you want to access your PC right from your tablet but you will find many pros and cons as well.

There are two basic ways to access Windows PC from tablet. One comes with Operating system based remote desktop solutions and the other is processed through third-party remote desktop clients. Both focus on different categories, and also emphasizes some benefits, shortcomings and differences according to use.

There are also many ways to control your PC from tablet, but here I will focus on only Remote Desktop Client and TeamViewer. Maybe you already have listened about TeamViewer but have not dig into its functionalities and Maybe you already know a little about Microsoft Remote Desktop but never get into how it works.

Although users can remotely access PC right from mobile phones through RDC and TeamViewer app but it won’t be more beneficial to use PC on more smaller display.

How to Control PC from Tablet

Two methods are described below in detail to remotely access Windows PC from tablet or iPad. One way is the Remote Desktop Connection and other is TeamViewer.

Remotely Access Windows PC from Tablet Using Remote Desktop Client

To access PC by Remote Desktop Connection first you need to install RDC app by Microsoft on your tablet. Download RDC app for android tablet and if using iPad then download RDC iPad app.

Now connect your PC and Tablet with the same WiFi connection. Open the app from your Tablet and lookout for Plus + sign to add desktop account.

Note: Your tablet and PC should be connected with same WiFi Connection.


Enter IP address or admin name of your desktop computer and password. Next Tap connect and you will be asked to save the account or instead add account name and password every time you will have to connect your PC with your tablet.


Now Tap on CONNECT to login to your PC. Your desktop account will log off automatically from PC and will be logged on your tablet, Simultaneously.


It’s simple to use PC through RDC app. You can choose between touch or mouse pointer option to operate the computer. You can tap + hold + drag up or down to scroll the pages and windows up or down.



You can also connect PC via internet by going into Gateways panel from the menu of the RDC app. A gateway enables access from any internet-connect device.


Moreover, you can also set different display resolution according to your device. RDC hundred percent free to use and comes with basic functionality. Now the next turn is to use PC from Tablet through third-party app TeamViewer.

Remotely Access Windows PC from Tablet Using TeamViewer

TeamViewer emphasizes on many productive uses and a best bet for office demonstration work. Hop into simple steps below on how to control PC right from your tablet through this app.

Download the TeamViewer’s android app for android tablet or iOS app for iPad and download TeamViewer for your Windows PC, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS. After completing the installation open the TeamViewer on your computer and tablet. Next note the product ID and password shown in TeamViewer on PC. Put that ID and password on your android Tablet or iPad.


Now you can remotely access Windows PC or Laptop from your Tablet device. On right you will see a little TeamViewer tray showing connected devices to set different options.

You can operate PC through touch drag and tap as well as virtual mouse options. It has more keyboard functionality options than RDC. While Keyboard shortcuts will be shown on top as par requirement.


You will also have option from the computer to allow remote access or only mirroring to tablet. To deny the remote access, uncheck the “access to computer” option from session list in the tray shown bottom right on PC.


There are a lot of features in TeamViewer for broad usage that you can avail according to your need. The only basic con is its little complication in use. However, RDC is more friendly in term of basic remote access to PC.

One of the big cons of remotely accessing PC Via WiFi or Internet is that it may work slowly. Mostly you will experience one second delay via WiFi and one to two seconds via Internet in remote processing.

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