Best Way to Run Multiple Accounts of App Simultaneously on same device

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Today I’m here to write down the best way to Run Multiple Accounts of App Simultaneously on same device. I have found this as a most easy and efficient way to run Multiple Accounts of any app . Which requires no root or backup. By reading this article you will also be able to find a way to hide apps from prying eyes with no record searchable in app manager settings.

Since, the digital communication is the part of our lives in every field, Emails, social media, chatting apps and calendars have dramatically changed our living style. And when we want these communication channels in portability space, we own devices like smartphones and tablets.

However, it becomes our ultimate challenge when we have to use separate social accounts for work and personal life on the same device. While Parallel Space Multiple Accounts is now the new app platform to solve this important issue on android Smartphone and Tablet.

Multiple Accounts

Owning dual SIM phone or handling dual identity over internet has already found several ways to access multiple online accounts with multiple browsers and computers. But it always remained an ultimate challenge to manage multiple accounts on a Smartphone and tablet.

Now it’s not a problem anymore as Parallel Space has succeeded to navigate multiple accounts usage on Tablet and Smartphones to next level. Parallel Space is setting an important role to separate work and personal social app accounts for the users.

There are several social networks which allow you to add multiple accounts from a single app. However, WhatsApp don’t allow to use two accounts on mobile even if you have dual SIM Support on your device. Moreover, you can’t use multiple accounts of WhatsApp and most of the other social chatting apps simultaneously. But now this revolutionary app came to android market which is best for using two accounts in one phone simultaneously.

You don’t need to Clear Data, Back Up or Root to set multiple accounts of any app or game through Parallel Space Multi Accounts app. This app is not applicable only for social media accounts but you can also use it for the apps that doesn’t support Multiple accounts. So, in this article I will tell you how Parallel Space Multi accounts can create and manage multiple accounts for you.

Best way to Run Multiple Accounts of App Simultaneously

Here are the features of this wonderful app that will help you best to run multiple accounts simultaneously of the same app:

  • You can use it for running multiple accounts of almost ANY app on your Tablet or Smartphone.
  • It will be your best friend in creating a balance between your personal life and work on internet.
  • It does’t require any Reset, Root, or Back Up.
  • Within FIVE minutes you will start using multiple account simultaneously
  • You can create dual GAME user accounts to run simultaneously to have fun gaming experience.
  • The data of each app’s account WON’T INTERFERE with each other.
  • You can switch accounts faster and can remain login on two accounts SIMULTANEOUSLY.
  • It will become your best APP HIDER as it makes apps invisible on device via incognito method. It creates secret space for the apps that you want to hide from PRYING EYES with no record SEARCHABLE in app manager settings.
  • You can set a SECURITY LOCK for Parallel space to keep your multiple app accounts restricted.
  • It provides a number of ADDITIONAL FEATURES that help you running multiple app accounts smoothly without any problem.

Download Parallel Space Multi Accounts on Mobile

Parallel Space is now popular with 20 million downloads by the users who ran multi accounts of their social apps like Whatsapp, Imo, Skype, Viber, BBM etc. at the same time.

It’s simple to download Parallel Space on android smartphones, however android tablets don’t have official support for download (You can follow the method for Tablet download Here). The size of app is only 2 MB. You can install Parallel Space from Google Play Store or download an APK File by clinking Here.

How to run Multiple accounts of app Simultaneously

How to Keep Social Media and Game Accounts Active Separately on the Same Tablet or Smartphone:

1. Run Parallel Space

2. At first, you will see empty app tray with a option to add apps.

Multiple accounts-Parallel Space app tray

3. Now choose the app that you want to keep two accounts active simultaneously like WhatsApp, FB’s Messenger, Instagram, imo, Gmail, or any Android Game.

Multiple accounts-Parallel Space add apps

4. For example: Add imo app and launch it from parallel space.

Multiple accounts-Parallel Space imo


5. imo will open separately and you will be able to run 2 imo accounts simultaneously with the same features. Any app you add in parallel space will open under it like this.

Multiple accounts-Parallel Space imo account

Multiple accounts-imo dual account

6. Manage Notifications for any app by going to menu on Top Left.

Multiple accounts-Notifications and pasword

7. Hide your apps by utilizing Incognito Installation option and setting a password for Parallel Space Multi Account.

8. You can check Task Manager to see how much Parallel Space has consume the storage for apps. It also gives you device storage info.

Multiple accounts-Parallel-Space-additional-Features

9. You can also use ‘1 Tap boost’ feature, it boosts the RAM for the apps.

So this was the guide for the Best Way to Run Multiple Accounts of a single app simultaneously. You can use this app to run two accounts in one phone. However, you can run dual accounts only at the same time. This app doesn’t support more than two accounts to run simultaneously but still a helpful tool to manage additional account.

Additional Tips!!

Even more you can hide the apps without any visible records which will keep your apps hidden from spry eyes. Hide app feature won’t let other users to know about the hidden app even by going into android app manager settings. To hide apps use the incognito app installation method. Don’t forget to set password in Parallel Space Multi Account app.

In addition, whenever you will add the apps that don’t require login will start from the initial stage. So it’s best for the games, like you can play any game from the start even if you have reached to Level 50. You can also play any game in two windows simultaneously, original game and duplicate window under the Parallel Space. It really provides a epic way of playing games.

This app will never show you any issue and is the best app compared to other multi account apps. If you experience any problem by using it then don’t hesitate to comment below.

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