How to Run Pokemon Go Multiple Accounts Without Losing Game Data?

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I’m not a big fan of Smartphone games but I spend a little time on gaming for fun and I play Pokemon Go rarely as well. That said, though I can imagine some users also want to have Pokemon Go multiple accounts in same device. There could be many reasons you need to manage two or more accounts. It might be that you missed getting Pikachu as starter Pokemon and wanna replay this Fan’s big moment, maybe you have shared smartphone  or tablet with two or more users who also want to play Pokemon with separate account, or there could be many other reasons to run multiple accounts of Pokemon on same device.

So first here I will like to guide you quickly throughout the process on how to run multiple Pokemon Go accounts on same device without clearing game data. Then next, I will like to mention the important things you need to know about using Pokemon Go multiple accounts. However, you can run two accounts of Pokemon Go simultaneously but it’s not a good practice according to Nintendo. While following this method you should be switching between the multiple accounts easily. You will be able to keep your accounts connected separately without signing out existing account.

Disclaimer: Having multiple accounts may lead you to ban by Nintendo or may cause delete of game data automatically without Nintendo action. Follow this trick on your own risk, we won’t be responsible if you lose your Pokemon account. However the chances of losing account are rare if you use it for a good cause.

How to Switch Pokemon Go multiple Accounts Easily

To keep Sign in Pokemon Go two accounts separately you have to download a container app known as Parallel Space from Google Play Store(No Root Required). Parallel Space is wonderful app that let the smartphone and tablet users to manage and switch between multiple accounts of any app with a single tap. So here are the steps to follow:

  1. Download Parallel Space from Google Play Store or download APK.
  2. Open the app, at first it will be shown like this.parallel-space-app-menu
  3. You will find an option to add apps. Add the Pokemon Go game from the app list add-pokemonpokemon-go-multiple-accounts-parallel-space
  4. Now open the Pokemon Go in Parallel Space
  5. You will see that Pokemon Go run from start
  6. Add a new account or Sign in separate account and you are good to go with Pokemon Go multiple accounts. You can also create shortcuts on your device Home Screen for second Pokemon Go account. Pokemon-Go-second-accound-shortcut

While these are screenshots showing two accounts opened at the same time:

pokemon-go-multiple-accounts-pokemons pokemon-go-multiple-accounts-two-windows

However these screenshots are examples just to show how it works but you shouldn’t run two accounts in same device at the same time to cheat in Pokemon Go or do it on your own risk. However you can easily switch between two accounts with the use of parallel space. But keep one account open at once if you never want your account to be removed.

If you followed above six steps in numbered list then you should be able to switch or open Pokemon Go multiple accounts with a single tap. The game will start from starting point with new account and if you added existing Pokemon Go account in Parallel Space then you will be able to play game from same point where you had left.

You can also hide Pokemon Go app from device app drawer through incognito installation in parallel Space. Some users might have wanted to Hide Pokemon Go app from their children or want to hide it from siblings, although it’s little funny. Even it might be the case you wanna keep Pokemon Go game hidden from your Boss if you have a good time with him and he does not allow game in his office.

More Details for using Multiple Accounts of any App

Pokemon Go Multiple Accounts Hazards

It shouldn’t be a violation of terms and conditions if you are sharing your smartphone or tablet with siblings. But if you wanna play multiple accounts at the same time, your accounts can get randomly banned. It’s safe to not use multiple account to cheat as Nintendo can detect it as illegitimate activity and your account could get a ban soon. You shouldn’t make second account using same email, even if you do this mistakenly it can really cause an immediate ban.

Tips on using Pokemon Go multiple accounts on same Device

As we can realize that affiliating Google account with Pokemon is separate to trainer’s club account. So it could be more secure to have a Google account signed in one window and a trainer’s club account on separate window instead of having two Google accounts or two trainer’s club accounts simultaneously.

Separately, we don’t see how multiple accounts of Pokemon could become a super big problem for Nintendo? Instead you were tracked on taking gym with identical usernames to defend your own position. Therefore playing Pokemon with multiple accounts in team mode or in competition can have more chance to hurt your account. But again you should not use multiple accounts to cheat as the chances of losing account are rare when you use it for solving a multi user problem.

So, this was a guide to run and switch Pokemon Go multiple accounts with a single tap without losing game data. If you experience any trouble after following the guide completely then feel free to comment below. Your opinion or your story on using multiple Pokemon Go accounts will also be appreciated.

Like this post or share it with your Pokemon fellows if it has helped you out to solve multi accounts problem. I can guess that many families have multiple players to play Pokemon Go on same device (also with craze) and might have conflict as everyone want to play with his own account. So, I found this a good way to manage multiple accounts of Pokemon go but we should also keep the accounts safe from cheating.

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