Samsung Files Another Patent of Foldable Device, Allegedly a Galaxy X Phone

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News reports about the Samsung’s Galaxy X foldable phone are already surfacing the mainstream media, now the company has filed another patent with World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) posing a foldable device. The patent shows two large screens of a device with a piece of metal between them unlike the less bezel hinge we saw in previous Samsung’s patents on foldable displays. The patent notes that when the device is not in use then both screens fold together to keep the display protected.


The metal is capable to bend in different ways, and device contains three antennas as well with the purpose of avoiding any interruption of phone’s signals due to device’s foldable design.  Both screens can be used at the same time when device two sides are opened or unfolded. While bending both screens oppositely allows to use device as normal phone. It means using main or single screen at a time.


Rumors for a model number SM-G888N0 are out there about the expectations of appear for tyeh first time during Januartny 2018 Consumer Electronic Shows (CES) in Las Vegas. While says the odds of SM-G888N0 appearance further improved with Samsung statement of denying rumors about Galaxy S9 and S9+ going to make appearance at CES. Separately, according to reports Samsung has plans to produce only 100,000 units of Galaxy X.

While Samsung already has said officially that they will introduce a foldable handset in 2018. So among the top phone giants, Samsung is the first company to claim this, while we have still to hear from Microsoft. In contrary, Apple is much behind in terms of some official words for their foldable device.

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