Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2016) with S Pen is an Interesting Upgrade to Tab A

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Samsung announced an upper mid range tablet named Galaxy Tab A (2016) S-Pen with key upgrades to the regular Tab A. Galaxy Tab A was announced previous year along with missing some latest features that were supposed to come with upper mid range tablet family. The Tab A regular model had come without S-Pen but now the Tab A (2016) gets this upgrade along with some other fundamental specifications.

The S-Pen will enhance the productivity of the tablet on 10.1-Inch screen. We will be able to edit the documents, navigate the menu and do some sketches for notes and other handwriting stuff easily.


Another upgrade is given to storage which is now increased to 32 GB with the expandable option of up to 256 GB.

Separately, the Galaxy Tab A (2016) S-Pen comes with 10.1 Inch display compiled of 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution, supported by octa core Exynos 7870 processor. Aside by powerful processor it has 1.6 GHz chip and 3GB of RAM that can help-out nicely in multi tasking. The eight MP rear camera compromised for a Full HD shoot while 2 MP camera should be enough for the video chat and selfies. The tablet specced with a large battery having 7300mAh capacity which should run media playback up to 14 hours.

Currently Tab A (2016) S-Pen is priced at $440 in South Korea and expected to release soon in other Asian countries and then will be released to US and Europe. Tab A (2016) is said to have 4G LTE and no news yet beating about WiFi-only models.

Source: Android Authority

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