More Samsung Patents are Out, Showing Devices with Foldable Display

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We already know that Samsung is working on a foldable Smartphone which is allegedly named as Galaxy X. But there are no leaks yet showing the exact outcomes of this device, however, many patents have been released which can give us some ideas about design and folding mechanism.

United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has recently awarded three design patents to Samsung related to some foldable devices. Patently Mobile reported about the diagram patents, while these don’t show specs, technology or materials and we can only do a little guess-work on design mechanism.

Samsung foldable device patent

First one is the ‘foldout’ Smartphone having some similarity with ZTE’s foldable Axon M Smartphone. The only key difference is that ZTE’s Axon M uses two separate displays and Samsung patent device has only one large foldable display. In this patent circular mechanism has been shown which hook onto each other. The Smartphone shown in the patent seems bulky and have large bezels as well.

Samsung foldable device patent 2

2nd design patent is a little rummy which doesn’t show any buttons or ports and we can’t get any hint easily for its mechanism. The third design patent is a “Wearable Electronic Device” which has wraparound display.

Samsung foldable device patent 4

While two weeks ago another patent for a Samsung flexible device was reported. This patent came with more details as compared to recently unveiled patents. Samsung submitted that patent with WIPO for an electronic device having a foldable display with a more smarter hinge. As the sketches shown in the patent have much coherence with the previously submitted outlines so it means Samsung is still improving the design concept.

This patent was filed in May 29, 2017 and WIPO displayed it on February 15, 2018. While it shows that there is a hinge of this foldable device aimed to prevent the Smartphone from contortion and damage.


The patent shows that this electronic device can suppress generation of tensile force or the compressive force fold or unfold the device.

However, we can’t say what type of device it could be. Samsung Document mentions the device in the patent as a portable phone, a game console, a tablet computer, a television, a navigation device, a laptop computer, a portable multimedia player (PMP), an in-vehicle head unity, or a personal digital assistant (PDA).


Housing and the flexible display are included in the Samsung foldable device. Shown in patent, those parts are connected in this way that the first part and the second part of the display may move relative to each other. So both parts can be bent to various angle position with respect to each other. Users could be able to convert the device angle into any desired way for convenience.

There can be multiple hinge members in connection unit. Curvature of flexible display remains at predetermined value. Preventing flexible display from excessive deformation.

Separately, we also know that patents can’t be final and out of many patents a very few see light of the day. But let’s see as we may also be able to see any patent design for Samsung foldable devices becoming a reality.

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