Samsung is Reportedly Working on a Kaby Lake Chromebook with a Detachable keyboard

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According to reports based on leaks and recent change in the Chromium Repository, Samsung is allegedly working on a Chromebook with a detachable keyboard. The latest device is powered by an Intel Kaby Lake chipset. While the code name of the device is ‘Nautilus’ which was first disclosed in September via the repository.

As of skimpy details two things are almost confirmed; Nautilus is a Kaby Lake Chromebook and secondly it’s a 2-in-1 device. However, it’s easy to assume that this device might look like Samsung’s other 2-in-1 Windows laptops but would be running Chrome OS with full size Android apps as well. So, if this device sees light of the day then it’s going to be a good addition to chromebooks market.

Currently, there are about 60 Chromebooks that run Android apps. However what differentiate Nautilus from them is that those are mostly convertibles, means they can be folded back to use in Tablet mode. While the Nautilus here is allegedly detachable, an ease in removing the Keyboard to use chromebook entirely as a Tablet device. Perfect weight and thickness means more portable in use.


The code below is detected by Chrome Unboxed that hints Nautilus device is indeed a detachable in the works.

This function is called whenever there is a change in the base detect

* status. Actions taken include:

* 1. Change in power to base

* 2. Indicate mode change to host.

* 3. Indicate tablet mode to host. Current assumption is that if base is

* disconnected then the system is in tablet mode, else if the base is

* connected, then the system is not in tablet mode.

Nautilus board.c file

As par with the little details on the device in process we can assume that this 2-in-1 and Intel Kapy Lake powered Nautilus is in the early stages of development and yet many leaks to come before any official announcements.

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